Watch 37th Hong Kong Film Awards Online

The 37th Hong Kong Film Awards took place on Sunday, 15th April 2018.  This star-studded affair is like the Oscars for Hong Kong.   It was held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and attended by many local celebrities.   This glitzy awards ceremony gives recognition to achievements in filmmaking.

I am so happy to know that my favorite actor, Louis Koo has won the Best Actor award for his portrayal of a determined father who went in search of his missing 16-year-old daughter in Pattaya, Thailand.  I just watched Paradox over the weekend and Louis was just amazing in that movie.  He is such a good actor and he gets better and better.



Louis Koo with his award, together with Teresa Mo who won the Best Actress award for her role in Tomorrow Is Another Day.  I can’t wait to watch this movie too.

Here is a snippet of the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony.

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