Asymetrical Fashion Trend

With Summer right around the corner, it looks like the designers are to give us all the ‘warm-shoulder’ for the warmer months as asymmetry trend has taken the Spring 2018 runways ina myriad of different textures, shapes, and colors.  Yes, the 2018 collections are all about dramatically asymmetrical pieces. From dresses, tops to tunics cut on an angle, many designers have worked dramatic asymmetry into their shows.

Mention asymmetrical dresses and the first thing that came to mind is the high-low dresses.   However this is not the case in 2018.  The designers have come out with hems that hang low in any directions. There are hems that go sideways which cause an interesting drape that adds elegance and uniqueness.  Some hemlines are cut into multiple jagged angles while some are longer in the front.  This creates a piece of art out of an otherwise simple dress.   You can view more designs at the given link.


The best asymmetrical dresses are ones that offer an edgy twist. They are easy to wear, require little-to-no styling and give a little oomph to a piece that already exists in your wardrobe.  Check out more from Rosegal.


Overall those looks gave us a titled view of the future trend which in this day and age,  makes our heart skipped a little.

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