How To Lose Weight After Giving Birth

Many women often wonder how long it takes to lose the baby weight and bounce back to a pre-baby body.  I am one of them.   Right after the baby is delivered, a woman would lose around 10 pounds from the baby’s weight, plus about two or three pounds of blood and amniotic fluid.    Then in the first week, a woman will probably lose another three to five pounds of water weight.    After that, it would take much longer to go back to pre-pregnancy weight.  It took nine to 10 months to put those weight on and it should take the same period to take all the weight off.  For some, the weight just would not go back to the days of pre-baby.

The same goes for me.  I tried eating a well-balanced diet and smaller servings of food and yet the stubborn weight was still around.  I felt very self-conscious about how I looked in clothes and the most visible part was my jelly belly.    When I looked at the mirror, my protruding belly was looking back at me.  You know what?  I wished I had worn a postpartum girdle.   It is so much easier to bounce back into pre-baby shape with a girdle.  I really envy women who have a flat tummy not long after giving birth and when I asked them what is the secret?  It is wearing a girdle.

Many women used girdles and other kinds of shapewear to hold in and smooth out the body fat.  These help them in efforts to lose weight and tighten up the bodies after having a baby.   The trend of wearing a girdle or corset is not new as many cultures have used this method for centuries on how to deal with pregnancy weight gain.  The girdles work by sucking in body fat and compressing the body.  Some girdles include heat which can take as much as 4 inches off from the belly through sweating.

There are many benefits to wearing one.  It prevents enlargement of fat cells, flattens tummy and hip, straighten the spine and compresses the uterus to its original shape.  Postpartum girdles can also help in back support, help with muscle memory, offer support during breastfeeding, and decrease pressure on the back and legs.


There have been some discussions that a girdle would prevent a  woman from eating large meals because it is tightening the waist and brings in the waist muscles and gives them support.   This would then help in losing some weight.

A postpartum girdle is comfortable to wear and makes one feel great in the clothes again.   If you want to give it a try, you may find out how to choose best postpartum girdle.  There is a host of useful and interesting information from this website.

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