Neelofa’s Waist Pouch Fashion

Recently, there has been a big hoo-ha over local celebrity, Neelofa’s choice of fashion.  Neelofa, a local celebrity, and entrepreneur was featured in social media, wearing an orange suit, turban on her head and a red / orange waist pouch or fanny pack.  Many mocked her style and were wondering what kind of fashion is that.


This is Neelofa with her striking outfit and controversial waist pouch.

Honestly, when I first saw her outfit, the first word that came to my mind was “WOW”.  Neelofa is so cool and stylish! This girl has got style and she is not afraid to flaunt it.         I love her whole outfit, from head to toe, although I think she would look more awesome without the turban.

What’s not to love about this bright outfit?  The orange tone is striking and the waist pouch is the latest trending bag now.  Actually, the fanny pack or the waist pouch trend has been seen on runways as early as Fall/Winter 2017.   A waist pouch can be used to replace the handbag.  I love this because it keeps our hands free and so trendy.  I still haven’t found a waist pouch I like.


Some said Neelofa was probably dressing up like this model above. Not sure which brand that is.

Here is something funny. My husband showed me this DadBag the other day.  The Dadbag resembles an actual dad bod belly and it features a pudgy sack and a print of a hairy stomach that looks so real. Similar to a fanny pack, it’s meant to be worn across the stomach to make it look like your gut is hanging out from underneath your shirt.  It is funny and defintely not stylish at all.  Would you let your husband buy one?




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