Watch Flying Tiger TVB Online

I have been busy every night being glued to my Ipad. That’s because I am watching the new Flying Tiger TVB Drama 2018 online. I love watching crime dramas from Hong Kong and especially so when my favourite actors and actresses are in it.

flying tiger2

This drama is about The Special Duties Unit, nicknamed Flying Tiger, facing a number of serious crimes in Hong Kong and across the border.  The police force is fighting dangerous criminals, and at the same time, integrating the relationship dynamic between two brothers in the police force. It stars Michael Miu as the superintendent of the major crimes division and Bosco Wong and Ron Ng as half-brothers who share the same father.  Bosco Wong is the older brother and a member of Flying Tiger. Ron Ng is the younger brother who works in the major crimes division. In real life, Ron is older then Bosco by one year.  Also in Flying Tiger are Michael Wong, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Hugo Ng and a host of other actresses who were popular in the 80’s and 90’s.

I also love the Flying Tiger theme song which is performed by Raymond Lam and MC Jin.

Watch Flying Tiger TVB Online here.

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