How Counseling Can Help

My friend is a mother of 2 and her eldest daughter is in college and the younger one is 17 years old.   Her younger daughter is studying in a top school and academically-wise, she is doing very well.  She is a happy-go-lucky girl and has many friends in school.

 For the past two months, she has been struggling to get out of bed for school in the morning. Initially, my friend thought it could be that she was tired from the activities in school or the late nights she had been up studying for her exam.  She would not stir in the morning despite many attempts to wake her up.  Hence, she had to miss school maybe twice a week.  She was also feeling fatigue and loss of appetite.  The school principal and teacher were very concerned and had spoken to my friend a few times on this.  They tried to figure out what was wrong but they cannot come to any conclusions.

My friend has tried speaking to her daughter about this but she kept saying she is ok.  She would not even tell her sister what is going on with her.   My friend then tried to find out more information about what her daughter is experiencing and she discovered that one of the symptoms of excessive sleep, feeling of fatigue and decrease in appetite is depression.  After discussing it with her husband, they have booked an appointment with a therapist for their daughter.   I really hope that they can get to the bottom of this and get the help needed.  My friend is also badly affected by this and is under tremendous stress and worry.


Depression is a serious mental health disorder and one out of every five young people is dealing with mental health problems.  Talking to a counselor helps.   If you or someone you know is dealing with depression, or you would like to speak to someone about this subject,  click here to learn more.

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