Spring Cleaning My Bag Collection

Before I have a kid, everything has to be neat and tidy.  From my clothes to the kitchen, everything has to be folded, stacked and kept in an organized manner.  Well, my hormones became haywire after I had a kid and I did not do the above anymore.  Of course my clothes are still folded in the cupboard, shoes are kept inside the shoe cabinet and etc but they are not according to colors or in a straight line.  You get what I mean?

So recently, the cleaning and OCD mood struck.  I took out all my bags and went through them one by one.    My bags have been sitting inside bag covers and boxes and they are all  kept  stacked  on a big plastic chair in my bedroom.  So messy right?   These are all the bags that are on that chair.

IMG_20180224_142817-01 (1)


Can’t believe I have a number of colorful fabric bags. The buying gotta stop.  Except for the Cath Kidston blue bag on the top left hand corner, all of them are from Bangkok.



 Screenshot_2018-02-26-10-35-27-986_com.instagram.android-01These are the bags that I have not used yet.

I wanted to give away some the bags above but I do not have the heart to do so.  Then I went to the big box in my closet where I keep some other bags and managed to find a few that I do not need anymore.  Going to give those away.   So much for spring cleaning. These bags go back to where they are kept earlier, just a bit more tidy now.  I am now going to look for a good bag storage solution.  Any ideas how I can keep my bags neatly and also where I can see them easily?

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