Good Oral Care For Children And Adults

Recently, the good people from Jordan Asia Pacific have sent me and family their latest Jordan oral care products.   We were delighted to receive various award-winning toothbrushes, flosser for children and adults and a lovely box of baby/toddlers’ toothbrushes and toothpaste.


Check out the different types of fancy toothbrushes from this Scandinavian brand.

We usually do not give our teeth a thorough clean up because most toothbrushes are not designed to reach the deeper recesses of the mouth.  However, Jordan Nano Compact toothbrush with super soft bristle can do just that because it is specifically designed with a 1.7cm head to allow for a more thorough cleaning.

One of their most sophisticated toothbrushes is the Jordan Expert Deep Clean which is specially designed with advanced Clean tech bristle technology to provide deep cleaning and effective plaque removal.


A range of flossers for adults and children.   Missy is ecstatic to get this and couldn’t wait to floss her teeth right after dinner.

Jordan has just come out with their specially formulated kids toothpaste in two different fruity flavours.  The gentle and effective toothpaste aims to protect children’s teeth against cavities.   These toothpastes are halal and have been certified by Jakim on 16th May 2018.


This is the cute box that is filled with a range of children’s toothbrushes, toothpaste and flosser.


Jordan Step 1 toothbrush features extra soft bristles, a soft rubber biting ring for babies’  gums and a handle that fits large and small hands.  This specially-made toothbrush aims to make the first brushing experience a good one.

Jordan Step 2 toothbrush is for toddlers age 3 to 5 and is specially designed to clean milk teeth.  It features a small round head and soft bristles for easier movement around the teeth. What’s special about this toothbrush is that it has an indicator to show the correct amount of toothpaste to be used.  Cool right?

It is important to establish a good oral care routine at the early stage.  Kids who start flossing early will continue to do so as they grow older.  Dentist recommends that kids should start flossing from the age of 5 onwards.   The Kids Flosser from Jordan has a small handle to make it easy to use for kids and also has a fruity flavour too.

Our home will never run out of toothbrushes, thanks to the generosity of Jordan Asia Pacific.   This Scandinavian expert in oral care products has a wide range of beautifully designed products to give everyone clean, healthy and beautiful teeth.  Check them out today.

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