Obedience Training For Huskies

I never knew how mischievous huskies are until we adopted Cooper.  He wants a lot of attention and if we ignore him for a wee bit, he would be up to no good.  Friends have been telling us just how cheeky huskies are.

Whenever we pat or scratch Buffy, Cooper would push his way in front of her so that we would do the same to him too.  Well, Buffy does the same too so both of my furbabies love attention.

Just last Friday, we went out for a movie at night and came home to this.


The pieces of cardboard were strewn all over the porch.  Hubs had left the cardboard on a shelf because he was going to dispose it later.


Look at that face.  He is so cheeky and we do not have the heart to scold him.  The next morning, there were still some cardboard pieces strewn all over the porch as hubs did not throw out the cardboard.  So when I asked Cooper why he bit it, he replied me with a long story by howling and barking.

Last night after dinner, we couldn’t find the left side of hubs’ slipper.  After 15 minutes of  looking under the car and under the shoe cabinet, Ashley finally found the slipper.

IMG_20180805_203709-01 (1)

The rascal must have played with the slipper and flung it around until it rested on top of my succulent plant which is on top of the table.

He is always up to something whenever we are not at home.  This is because we did not spend time with him and he does all these to seek attention.  Every time when he did something wrong, he knows that he is in trouble for when we asked him who bite or who did it, he would run away or stay under the table.

Siberian Huskies are known to have short bursts of energy and need at least 30 minute of exercise each day to burn off its excess energies.  Having a dog is really not a simple task.  It requires a lot of commitment and responsibility.   We need to devote a lot of time for the dogs. Lots of love and patience is needed.

I think we really need to send Cooper to an obedient training class.  Buffy went for it and she’s a good girl.


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