How to Plan a Perfect Stag Weekend


Being chosen as the best man to the groom in any wedding is a great honor that one can never turn down. However, you need to know that there are roles and responsibilities that accompany the title. To some folks, these responsibilities can seem overwhelming and daunting.

As much as the title tags along very many responsibilities, being the groom’s best man can actually turn out to be more fun than expected. Among the responsibilities typically assigned to the best man including scripting a good wedding speech and organizing a perfect stag weekend for the latter.

Now, do you have such a task at hand and don’t even know where to begin? Well, worry no more, we got you covered. Here are the top points that you should have in mind if you are going to throw the perfect stag weekend for the groom:


Location or Destination

Choosing a location where you will organize your party is one of the most important things. Whether you’re thinking about local options or a stag weekend in Amsterdam or even London, you first must decide which location is your best fit. However, you also need to remember that this entirely depends on the groom. Being the an of the weekend’, he has to have a say on the location or destination for the stag weekend.

Among the factors to consider about the groom that should guide you on the same include the following:

What location or destination does he already have in mind?

  • Is he up to flying out of the country for new and fun experience?
  • Apart from the groom, are there any other VIPs tagging along?

These are very important factors that are guaranteed to help you pick the perfect stag weekend destination. Do not forget to consult the groom as it is his party, or just surprise him.

Budget, needs and other expenses

Now, among the top factors that should be considered and organized include trip expenses and any special needs required by the party. You need to consult with the attending party to confirm if anyone among them has any special needs or injuries that require special care.

Are any old relatives in attendance and what sort of things might they not enjoy? These are some of the questions that should see you through.

The other major aspect of the snag weekend that should be carefully observed is the intended expense. Come up with a rough estimation of the budget and value of the trip.



Now, after ensuring all the affairs above have been properly handled and are in order, you now need to confirm how much time you have to plan, how long the party will last and is the after-party time enough to have everything else in order for the big day?

Typically, you need to come up with a well laid out schedule. Slice each snag do event and activity a portion of the weekend. Also, confirm all your flight and accommodation bookings. You also need to confirm with the attending party and ensure that each and every one of them is set for that special weekend.


A bachelor or stag party is among the most important moments in a man’s life. A stag weekend is you celebrating the last few days of being single. This means that it has to be epic and perfect. This guide should help you plan an amazing stag weekend for the groom. Best of luck.

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