Outfit Inspiration By My Favorite Celebrity

Not too long ago, I saw my favorite celebrity on Instagram wearing this outfit to an event.   She has on a white top which was tied at the side, a pair of wide-legged pants and a statement necklace.  I fell in love with her chunky chain necklace at first sight.  You know how much I love statement necklace right?

IMG_20180813_104916 (1)

So, I tried to replicate her outfit when I went out that weekend.


I don’t have a plain white tee so I opted for a black Zara top which was a bit long. So it’s perfect to tie the side up.   I just bought this wide-legged denim pants and it’s the right one to wear like my favorite celebrity.  I looked through my accessories box and found a similar looking silver chain necklace.  I matched this outfit with a pair of flat mules (RM15) which I got for a steal from the morning market at my place.  I love that I can always find some good deals from the stalls in the market. Sometimes they have past season goods that are imported from other countries.  I will share in my next post what I managed to find not too long ago.   What do you think of my outfit?  It’s fun to dress up once in a while, especially when I get inspiration from the people I follow on Instagram

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