High-Speed Internet For The Price Of A Packet Of Kopi Ping Per Day

Yes, you read correctly.  We can now have super-fast internet speed for only RM3.20 a day.   Isn’t this news wonderful?  TIME Internet, Malaysia’s second largest fixed line telecommunications operator has just launched the best deal in the market for high-speed broadband.  They are the first to offer 100% fibre optic connections directly for office or home.

As part of its launch, TIME is introducing the Best Deal in the market for high-speed broadband – RM99 for 100Mbps. This plan is only exclusive for online sign up and only for a limited time only.  It is the most affordable high-speed home broadband plan in the market now.

Below is the price comparison with other operators.


Can you see the savings?

Take a look at the different plans available.


Why Fibre Optic?

Optic fibre transmit light and they can deliver a much higher speed than copper cables. A 100% fibre optic connection is less susceptible to environmental interference such as temperature and electromagnetic interference.  By using fibre optic, the connection is much more stable and delivers a more consistent speed.

Do you know that fibre optic cables are cheaper to produce, take up less space compared to copper cables and they also last longer, about 15 to 20 years.

I know how frustrating it can be to watch a Youtube video and having it stopped for a while or lagging.  Sometimes it makes me want to tear my hair out when I have to wait a long time for my photos to be downloaded or just getting connected.

Signing up is super easy and it only takes a few minutes.  Just click here.

What Shall I Do After I have subscribed?

  • Pick a preferred installation date once you have signed up online.
  • Just sit back and relax as the installer will contact you to confirm the appointment for the connection services.

Easy peasy right?

Say goodbye to slow download.  With TIME Broadband, you can enjoy surfing the internet, playing games, watching movies without any interruptions.

Wait no more and you can get your hands on this incredible deal before anyone else.

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