Keeping Your Relationship Fresh: Ideas for Date Night

Relationships take work. The more you allow your relationship to coast along, the less likely it is to go the distance. Familiarity breeds contempt. We are all guilty of taking our other half for granted. Once the first flush of passion dies and real life sets in, it’s easy to lose sight of the many reasons why we got together in the first place. You may have had a great first date – and a wonderful first few years together – but unless you put some effort in to keep the spark there, sooner or later your relationship will crash and burn.

In this article, we are going to suggest a few ideas for date nights. Try a few out and see if you can give your relationship a turbo boost. At the very least, you may score some useful bonus points for trying.

Schedule a Date Night

Think back to when you were first dating. You probably did all kinds of fun things: romantic meals, fun days out, strolls on the beach, breakfast at your favourite café. You get the idea. The trick is to recreate some of that romantic sparkle, but to do this, you need to schedule a date night.

Organising a date night shows your partner that you are willing to put the effort in rather than leaving it all to chance. If you have kids, book a babysitter or ask the in-laws to take the little ones. Let your partner know you have something planned, so they can make sure they don’t stay late at work or nip to the gym on the way home.

Date Night Ideas

Your idea of a date night might not be theirs. Think carefully about what your partner likes and enjoys, and then plan accordingly. For example, if they are on a diet, they might not appreciate being treated to a slap-up meal in a fancy restaurant where everything on the menu is 1500 calories or more. In fact, they might get rather upset!

Revisit Your First Date

Think back to your first date, or a special date. Where did you go? If you can, revisit that place. It might help you rekindle some of those feelings again. At the very least, it shows your partner that you are romantic and have a good memory.

Movie Night

When was the last time you treated your other half to a movie and popcorn? Now is a great time to take them to watch the latest blockbuster. However, if your partner has a soft spot for a particular genre of movie, look for a cinema showing something that would interest them. Art House cinemas are a good place to start looking.

Spa Date

Book an afternoon at a spa. Many wellness spas offer couples’ treatments. You can lie side by side and have a couple’s massage. Wouldn’t that be romantic?


Take a Walk

OK, so a walk to the shops isn’t very romantic. But if you plan a walk somewhere scenic, perhaps with some kind of personal connection to the two of you, it could be a lovely date. Visit somewhere local with lovely views or plan an evening stroll and end up at a nice restaurant where you have booked a table for two.

Go Dancing

Unless you have two left feet, dancing is a lot of fun. Book a dance class. Try something different like salsa dancing or ballroom dancing. It could be the start of something beautiful!


Use your imagination and try new things. Dating is about creating new experiences. The more interesting things you try together, the more fun things you have to talk about.

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