My funny girl

Ashley enjoys watching ghost movies and she has watched all the crazy ones which came out in recent years.  She didn’t watch them when she was younger but the interest started last year.   So last Friday she had asked her daddy to download Conjuring 2 for her to watch online.  She wanted to watch this before going for The Nun.   I watched with her, with my hands over my eyes half of the time, of course.  Well, missy is indeed braver than her mom.

When we reached the scene where the main actors were trying to track the paranormal activities, she exclaimed loudly that she should have a set of these ghost tracking tools.  Hubby and I burst out laughing and asked her why she would need it.  She said she wants to be able to go around the house and track for any activities.  We told her there is definitely nothing to check in our house but she said we would never know …………



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