Coping With Depression During The Holidays With Therapy

So, Thanksgiving is over.  The next major holiday celebrations are Christmas and New Year.  It is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year.  Images of joy and love fill the magazines, shopping malls and tv screens. However, the reality of the holidays is not so cheerful.  End of the year is stressful due to deadlines and the increase of cold and dark winter days.  For some people, it is the hardest time of the year.  Being always reminded by the happy season while some having to deal with family conflict, breakups, loneliness and mental health issues can be a particularly difficult time of the year.   Depression and negative mood affect many people during the holiday.

Some researches have found that there is a rise in depression rates in December due to the holiday blues.  Below are some ideas to help those to plan and cope with the holiday season.

Plan Early

Leaving all your preparations for Christmas until the last minute can cause unnecessary stress. Therefore it is good to plan ahead to save time and money.  Making a list of things to do and presents to buy makes it easier to stick to a budget.   Shop online to avoid the stress and crowds of the Christmas shopping season.


Learn to let go

As we prepare to entertain family and friends, worry about cooking a Christmas dinner and last-minute gift shopping, the feeling of being under pressure increases and may lead to anxiety and anger.  The feeling of having to do everything and please everyone can add more stress.  Learn to let go and ask for help from someone else to relieve the burden.


On top of the increased stress, drinking excessively and eating poorly can elevate issues such as anxiety, stress and depression.  There is nothing wrong with indulging in Christmas food and drink but try not to have too much.  We must know how to take care of ourselves and do regular exercises.

Reach Out

Sharing the feelings with others and having someone to listen to can make a person feel better.  Some people may find it uncomfortable to share their problems with friends or loved ones.  So, if confiding in a stranger makes it easier, then Betterhelp, an online counseling website can help.    Online therapy is a wonderful tool to help people who are depressed especially if they find it troublesome to leave the house or happen to live in a remote area.  Betterhelp has a team of passionate and compassionate professionals who aim to help people live a better and happier life every day.

 Depression is not a life sentence.  It is treatable with the right intervention and support.  Being grateful for all the little joys and moments of happiness in our lives is one of the best antidotes against depression.
Here’s wishing everyone peace and good health.

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