5 Creative Ways to Take Your Walk Indoors

Walking is a very good exercise and it can be done every day without any gym memberships.  Walking can reduce heart disease, tackle high blood pressure and also high cholesterol.   Studies have shown that a daily walk of 30 minutes can reduce the risk of stroke by 27%.    This cardio workout is also great for improving mood, lower stress, increases energy and stamina, and sharpen mental focus and memory. It can also help to keep off extra weight,  build stronger bones and muscles, and lower your risk of diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers.


It is difficult to get enough exercise when the weather does not cooperate during the time you want to go for a walk.  Sometimes it is too cold and windy. Or perhaps the sidewalks are slippery with ice. Even warm temperatures can cause rainy conditions making you want to stay indoor. But the weather condition is no excuse to stop walking and exercising. Walking is one way to lose weight that anybody can do.   Well, good news is that you can do your workout indoor too.  Walking indoors offers the same benefits as an outdoor workout.  Some people are not very fond of indoor walking because they find it boring.  Well, to make things more exciting, you may try out the following tips:-

1.  Walking around your house by looping through rooms, around tables and furniture. You can even pick things up and tidy as you go along.  Listen to an audiobook while walking. You can get engrossed in a story and sometimes would not notice when a long walk has flown by.  It is even better to walk at home if you have stairs. Going up and down the stairs can really get the heart pumping.

2.  Go to a bigger mall for a walk.  You can even have a chance to window shop and stop for a cuppa at the cafe.

3. If you plan to walk on a treadmill, you can even download a movie onto your smartphone or tablet and watch it while walking.

4.  Walk the hallways or stairs of your workplace during lunch or whenever there is a break.  This will give you a chance to have a change of scenery from your normal desk routine.

5.  You can also get some cardio exercise by marching in place while watching your favorite shows on television or Neflix at home.  Walking in place is just as effective as walking on a track.  All you need is enough space to march, supportive shoes and comfortable clothing.

Here is a tip to increase the intensity of your walk.  You can add weights by placing the weights in a backpack.   Be careful not to carry dumbbells or wear ankle weights when walking because this can lead to injury and puts too much strain on your joints.  If you would like to build muscles from walking, you may check out https://steroidsfax.com.

Hope you find these tips useful.  By eliminating those stumbling blocks will help to maintain consistency and get closer to achieving the recommended 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity daily.

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