The Best Shampoo You Can Buy For Oily Hair

My hair is thin and oily.  If I wash my hair in the morning, my hair would start to get limpy by 7pm because of the oil.  That’s how oily it can get.  I do not like washing my hair daily because it loses its shape quickly.   My sister told me about Kerasys Deep Cleansing  Shampoo which is for people with oily scalp and it is also anti-dandruff.  I must say that this shampoo is just right for me.  It controls the oil on my scalp and my hair won’t get oily so fast.

I love Kerasys Deep Cleaning Shampoo and it is the only one that I am using since 3 years ago.  I usually buy it from Watsons and I am not sure where else you can buy them.  So if you have oily scalp and have been searching for the right shampoo to control the oil, give Kerasys Deep Cleaning Shampoo a try.


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Gifts For Her

Buying something for that special lady may be hard for most men. No matter the occasion, there is a lot of pressure to make sure you get the perfect thing. If you’re struggling to come up with a gift, here a few ideas and woman is sure to love.


Giving flowers to your loved one is an age-old tradition that never seems to go out of style. There is something special about brightening their day with the colors of a vivid bouquet. While some may think this irrelevant because the plants will die, there are several ways one can preserve flowers. This allows them to be used for other things, as well as make them last forever.


Few women would tell you they don’t like jewels and shiny things. A new piece of jewelry is a great idea for those who are looking for that perfect gift. There are so many different brands and styles that you can find a piece with a clear message or design a unique, personal thing. If collecting various pieces is somewhat of a tradition for gift-giving, you could also get her things that will help with them. For instance, jewelry drawer organizers and cleaning solutions are perfect for those trying to keep their collections clean and coordinated.


Almost everyone has heard the uttered moan of a woman saying that she has nothing to wear. While this may not be entirely true, in her mind she really believes it. Freshen up her wardrobe by getting her a few new outfits, or if you’re not sure what exactly to buy, take her out on a shopping spree. Giving her the gift of clothes is often a well-loved gesture that won’t be unliked.

Don’t stress out about getting your girl a special gift. You can be sure to get her the perfect things if you put a little bit of thought and preparation into it.

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How To Get Free Teeth Scaling In Kuala Lumpur

Who doesn’t like freebies eh?  If you are a blogger and are interested in a FREE Teeth Scaling and Cleaning treatment, please go to my sidebar on the right and find IFloss Dental banner.

Click on the banner and you will be directed to IFloss’s website where you can read up on how to qualify for this special offer and also fill-up the form.

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Jeulia Halloween Sale 2020 – Animal Jewelry

October is here and this means one thing – Halloween is on the way!  Halloween is indeed one of the most fun celebrations of the year. Time for scary movies, toffee apples and costumes.  Most people look forward to this day when they can dress up and be whoever they want to be.  While kids look forward to going around the neighborhood and trick or treat, adults look forward to dressing up for that fun Halloween Party! If you are a jewelry lover, Halloween is one of the best times to show off your jewelry style.  Whether you are attending a Halloween party, trick or treating with our children or staying in to binge watch scary movies, it is time to get yourself some Halloween jewelry to make you feel your best!

If you rather not wear plastic or acrylic around your neck, you can check out Halloween jewelry from jewelry stores such as Jeulia.  Give your Halloween costume a boost with beautiful jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other pieces that range from timeless glamour to spooky festive.   Not sure what to get for yourself?  Well, scroll ahead to see some of the trending Halloween jewelry to pull off your costume.

One of the best Halloween costumes to show off your jewelry is Cleopatra.  If you plan on going as the Queen of Egypt, then you may want to look at the animal collection to complete your look. Gold Necklaces, bracelets, and rings will complement this costume perfectly. 

Jeulia Snake Design Sterling Silver Climber Earrings

This pair of snake design earrings is a great way to add a touch of spook to your outfit. 


Animal rings like this Wild Leopard Oval Ring are just what you need to portray your character this holiday season.


There are also pieces that scream Halloween like owl rings or “Appear and Disappear at Will” cat necklace or more subtly designed to complement a Halloween costume.

Perhaps you just need some animal jewelry for a subtle holiday look? Whether you are portraying a specific character this Halloween or just looking to add a touch of flair to your costume, Jeulia has everything you need to flatter every outfit. Be a hit this spooky season!

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Cooking Budae Jiggae or Korean Army Stew With Kimchi

So, ever since I started my K-drama journey, I have been trying out Korean recipes.  I can’t cook to save my life so I try to have Korean food whenever I go out like Korean fried chicken or Korean BBQ which are also my family’s favourite (Thank God!).

Not too long ago, my friend posted her Budae Jiggae (a fusion dish that incorporates processed meats such as Spam, ham, bacon, and hot dogs into a Korean stew with kimchi) on Facebook so I asked her how to make that because anything soupy is my favourite food.  She used kimchi for the stew and add in mushrooms, cabbage, tofu, meat and etc.  It turns out that she makes kimchi and sells them at RM15/kg.  So I ordered 2 kgs of kimchi from her and got my ingredients ready for my Budae Jiggae.

As missy is not a fan of kimchi stew, I got a packet of Korean noodles and added some kimchi for her.

The packet of Korean ramen and 500 grams of kimchi from my friend.

Missy’s kimchi noodle

My pot of Budae Jiggae which consists of shitake mushrooms, enoki, tofu, cabbage, fish cake, pork balls, pork slices and beancurd.  I just boiled a pot of water and added all the ingredients in.  Once the pork balls are cooked, I put in the kimchi and boil for another 5 minutes.

Here is my bowl of delicious, spicy Budae Jiggae.  So satisfying especially on a rainy day!

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Fall Trends That Are Worth Buying

The end of summer is always one of the most exciting times of the year. This new season means it is time to swap out your bikinis and break out in your favorite fall sweaters, boots and long pants to begin the wardrobe shift. Well, there is no need to pout or put away your whole summer wardrobe just yet.  A lot of these Fall trends are ultra-fun and allow us to hold on to our warm-weather essentials a tad longer.

The last few months have totally changed the way we live, work and socialize.  While we used to find inspiration from stylish women at fashion events or on the streets, we now have to turn to Instagram to see what the influencers are wearing in order to be inspired.

Although we probably would not be wearing any of these pieces to the office or to your favorite restaurant, it is time to make the most of it. Life still requires clothes and to save us from our quarantine blues, read on to find what are the best Fall trends.

Dresses are trending hard this Fall, especially bodycon midi-length style that has been all over the runways. Metallics, sequins and everything sparky are one of the top trends this season.  This sequin off-shoulder cheap bodycon dress is just what you need to stay on-trend.

Crop tops have been everywhere this year so you can expect to see your favorite celebrities or influencers wearing them well into this season. Gym crop tops are great for lounging at home if you do not feel like heading to the gym.

As soon as we think cold-weather outfits, the images of warm and cozy sweatshirt and leggings in shades like camel or gray come into mind.  Yes, they are great but sometimes our wardrobe needs a little pop of color. Why not embrace the tie-dye trend which is not going anywhere soon?

Like what you see above?  There are plenty of chic options from HexinFashion, a leading professional manufacturer and supplier of trendy women’s clothing.

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Top Bridesmaid Trends For 2021

If you are planning to get married in 2021, congratulations!  You are probably a little overwhelmed with the wedding decisions you will be making like the wedding dress, the seating plans and then there are the bridesmaid dresses to think about. Just what styles or shades are your best friends going to wear?   Your next step is to find attractive and affordable bridesmaid dresses that your best friends will like and be comfortable wearing them.  Trying to find a bridesmaid dress that fits all of those requirements in one place is even harder.

The good news is there are plenty of places you can order bridesmaid dresses online and that one particular retailer is Babyonlinedress (  This popular online boutique carries a  wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors.  Its collection of bridesmaid dresses will have your bridal party looking beautiful for the big day.  Scroll ahead to find some of the favorite bridesmaid dresses that are going to be trending in 2021.

Sexy Gold Sequins Bridesmaid Dresses Side Slit Sparkly Wedding Party Dress BO8128

Dresses with open backs, sequin and glamorous fit-and-flare skirts like the ones above ( are just a few ways to give your bridal party a breath of fresh air.

This elegant V-neck chiffon bridesmaid dress ( with a side slit is an absolute stunner.

First were the strapless necklines, followed by cold-shoulder styles.  Now the one-shoulder necklines are making waves again.  This asymmetrical neckline dress ( is a chic example of how to pull off the trend in an updated way.

These are the styles, colors and trends that are likely to be seen at weddings in 2021.  From thigh-high slits to wrap dresses, structured fabrics, and fresh colors to consider, they are not your average bridesmaid dresses. These trending cheap bridesmaid dresses ( give you an entirely new set of styles to work with, so choose your favorite trend and get shopping.

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The Best Way To Reattach The Sole Of The Shoe When It Comes Off

During the Movement Control Order (MCO), EMCO and RMCO period, I couldn’t go hiking or running for almost 5 months.  So when everything started to ease, I went for a hike at the Tugu Forest and this was what happened that day.

The sole of my hiking shoes opened up.  This happened because I haven’t been wearing it for a while.  Shoes need constant wearing in order to prolong their life.  When the sole detaches from the shoe, it renders the pair of shoes immediately unwearable.  My hiking shoe is still in good shape albeit being a bit dirty from the mud.

According the information I found online, it seems that when we wear our shoes, we put pressure on the soles and squeeze out the moisture, which would otherwise insidiously break apart the foam-like structure. So it is possible for a pair of unworn or barely worn shoes to disintegrate.

Thank God someone can help me re-attach the sole of my shoes. He is no other than the cobbler in my neighbourhood.  I quickly sent my shoes to him the next day and what he did was to glue the soles back and then stitch up the sole.  Isn’t that amazing?  Of course, the stitches can be seen if you look closely but I don’t mind at all.

Check out how neatly he sewed them.

It takes a lot of work and strength to put the needle through the thick sole of my hiking shoes.  It cost RM18 (about US4) to save them. Thank you Mr. Cobbler.

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3 Things To Try This Fall

Crisp morning air, the crunch of leaves, sweet-smelling cider — fall is near! Say goodbye to the summer months and try out some fun fall activities this season to embrace all that autumn has to offer.

1. Explore the Outdoors

No matter where you live, fall offers a chance to turn over a new leaf and explore the outdoors in unexpected ways. Consider taking family or friends on a pumpkin patch excursion or outdoor corn maze field trip. Not only can you enjoy the cooler fall climate, but you can experience the joy of the changing seasons surrounded by fall colors and flavors. Explore offerings at local museums, parks, or cultural centers; many community centers provide unique opportunities for children and adults alike, from scarecrow decorating to leaf-pressing classes.

2. Update Your Style

With a new season comes a change in wardrobe. Tanktops and sundresses give way to long-awaited sweaters, scarves, and boots. Treat yourself this fall with simple closet additions, either online or in-person at stores. Transform a pair of jeans with fall hues, knitted layers, or earth-toned jewelry that will last all the way to winter. Ladies can consider womens fashion Humble TX to update their closets with fall-ready items. Adding a new fall jacket or riding boots to your closet is another easy way to welcome fall into your world while looking stylish.

Women’s Clothing in Humble, TX

3. Hit the Kitchen

The fall awakens the senses. Tastebuds embrace the delight of pumpkin, spices, and hearty meals. Consider trying to make a dish or two this fall to get connected to the flavors of autumn. Perhaps try crowd-pleasing bread loaves, perfect for gifting, or whip up a batch of spiced cookies that pair wonderfully with hot apple cider. Invite family and friends into the kitchen for a memorable gathering, such as caramel apple making or pumpkin seed roasting around the fire.

Welcome fall!

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Beautiful Evening Dresses Under $50

Parties are aplenty this last quarter of the year.  Dressing up for the holidays is part and parcel of the joy of this season.  For many women, figuring out what to wear on an average day is hard enough.  So when you received an invitation to the parties this year-end, you have to figure out what exactly does it say on the invite. Black-tie? Casual chic? Semi-Formal? Is it going to be held at a fancy restaurant or the hotel ballroom?  Most often guests are left wondering what styles fit well and fit within certain dress codes.  Formal dresses or evening wear must be chosen with care and with consideration given to the event’s dress code.

Luckily there are plenty of solutions to keep you looking stylish at the parties without having to dig deep into your pockets.  Scroll ahead for evening dresses under $50 ( that will help you navigate even the trickiest dress code.

Sophisticated lace makes this simple shape a knock-out (

ELYSE | A-line Sleeveless Crew Floor-length Lace Top Chiffon Prom Dresses

Understated, but far from boring, this red dress is an outfit unto itself and no accessories are needed (

You will feel like royalty in this lovely off the shoulder gown in pastel pink (

The size and fit of a dress are important and must be chosen carefully.  An ill-fitting dress may result in discomfort and a dishevelled appearance.   Color is also important as inappropriate choice may clash with the person’s complexion. Many have a tight budget but not everyone is able to choose the best apparel despite spending a substantial amount of time and money on it.  Therefore it is advisable to spend some time to learn more about evening party dresses. The above dresses are from Babyonline (, a leading online retailer with a range of gorgeous gowns that will allow you to make an entrance.

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