Keto Fried Rice Cake (Char Koay Kak)

Char Koay Kak (Fried Rice Cake) is a popular street food that has a similar cooking style as Char Koay Teow.  The Koay Kak are cut into square cubes and fried in a huge round wok together with dark soya sauce, bean sprout, egg and chopped chai poh (pickled radish).

So I had a craving for char koay kak last weekend, no thanks to the char koay kak stall which I saw at the market.  I quickly bought the ingredients needed over the weekend to prepare for my keto version.


  1. Beansprout (1 packet).  Not sure how much it weighed.
  2.  2 pieces of firm tofu (cut them up into small squares)
  3.  3 eggs
  4.  1 handful of chai poh (you can add more if you want)
  5. Chives
  6. 5 cloves of garlic


  • Heat the wok or pan on the stove.
  • Saute the garlic and chai poh
  • Add the firm tofu and continue to stir fry
  • Add 1 tsp of dark soya sauce and soya sauce (to taste)
  • Create a well in the center of the pan 
  • Beat the 3 eggs in a bowl and pour in
  • Stir and toss the eggs to coat the tofu and chai poh
  • Add in beansprouts and stir fry for another minute
  • Remove and serve immediately.

Voila, this is my Keto Char Koay Kak vegetarian version.  Next time I will add in some shrimps too.  Got my cravings fixed.

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Timeless Shoe Trend That Goes With Everything

Timeless and well-cut pieces that will keep well beyond one season, like a pair of bridal boots, a trench coat, or a nice piece of knitwear is taking over fashion this year. So what is the latest noteworthy purchase that you should have?  Well, it is none other than a simple pair of casual loafers. There has been a rise in the fashion crowd’s adoration for loafers over the past couple of years. This classic shoe design is usually deemed as “boring” by shoe standards next to more obvious trendy silhouettes like clunky sneakers and statement mules. Fans of loafers will be glad to know that with the range of modern interpretations out there lately, it is no wonder this traditional shoe style is a hit among style setters.

This ‘boring’ shoe trend has it all. Loafers are chic, polished and comfortable.  They are getting an elevated twist this season with the addition of block heels, chunkier soles, and luxe-feeling materials like mock-croc. The upgraded elements essentially make these new-wave loafers one of the only footwear styles that will matter next year. To prove why you may need to just add the staple into your rotation, here are some shopping inspiration by some of the coolest fashion people are already wearing modern loafers. Keep scrolling to enhance your 2020 shoe wardrobe.

Style Tip: A gorgeous pair of neutral loafers with a monochromatic fit like these featuring trousers, a blouse, and a maxi coat for an effortless and classy silhouette.

How to wear loafers with trousers

Buy a similar pair from Shoessee below

Style Tip: Coordinate a pair of loafers with a dress and jacket featuring similar hues to stand out.

Best loafers for women with skirt

Get a similar pair from Shoessee below

Style Tip: A pair that has an interesting detail like the glossier finish here looks on point with jeans and a blazer for a classic vibe.

Best loafers for women with jeans

Find a similar pair from Shoessee below

A pair of loafers with a very slight heel will keep you comfortable while looking impossibly chic with cropped jeans, a sweater, and a jacket for Fall.  

If you prefer a more casual vibe, vintage sneakers are great too. Throw on a pair to give your jeans and t-shirt an instantly sporty vibe.

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Where To Find Affordable Evening Dresses Online

Figuring out when to wear on an average day is already hard enough for many people.  So when you received an invitation to a party or formal dinner, it can be nerve-wrecking planning your outfit. Does the invitation say Black-tie? Casual chic? Semi-Formal? Is it going to be held at a fancy restaurant or the hotel ballroom?  Most often guests are left wondering what styles fit well and fit within certain dress codes.  Formal dresses or evening wear must be chosen with care and with consideration given to the event’s dress code.

Evening dresses are meant to be worn for formal events and it is best to go with a floor-length dress in gorgeous satin, taffeta or beaded.  Accessorize with a dramatic necklace or dangling earrings but remember, do not wear both.  If you are not sure, it is best to wear diamond drop earrings or a pearl necklace.  Do not forget to get yourself a nice clutch too. Babyonlinedress ( has a range of beautiful evening dresses that allows you to make an entrance that will definitely catch the eye of everyone in the room.

One Sleeve Sexy Slit Prom Dresses | Silver Grey Lace Appliques Long Evening Dresses

Sexy Slit Prom Dresses (

If the invite states cocktail, this means an elegant party dress with killer heels.  You may want to turn to lace or chiffon fabric like the black off-shoulder dress above (

Sexy Red One-Shoulder Sleevesless Side-Slit Sequins Prom Dress

As for the Festive dress code, this means bold colors, jewelry and sparkly details. You can spot this dress code on invitations for holiday parties and hence, it is safe to go deck out in a vibrant dress like above (, statement necklace or earring, red heels or glittery clutch.

The size and fit of a dress are important and must be chosen carefully.  An ill-fitting dress may result in discomfort and disheveled appearance.   Color is also important as a wrong choice may clash with the person’s complexion. Many have a tight budget but not everyone is able to choose the best apparel despite spending a substantial amount of time and money on it.  Therefore it is advisable to spend some time learning more about evening dresses.

So if you are going to attend a party of family gathering in the coming months you may want to check out the cheap evening dresses ( for the special occasion.  You can get all the perks of shopping minus the hassle.

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How To Dress Up A T-Shirt And Denim Outfit

If you don’t know already, I am obsessed with denim.  I can wear them every day and never get bored.  When you build a wardrobe of perfect-fitting and comfortable jeans, you don’t want to take them off.  Most women (including me) would dress in the basic style of jeans and a t-shirt as a casual day outfit.

Do you know that you can easily dress up jeans and a tee to look right for almost any occasion? I found a style guide online on how to dress up a t-shirt and jeans to look more classy and how we can get most out of these basics.

Add Accessories

Street style woman in ripped jeans and t-shirt and black leather purse

Dressing up a t-shirt and jeans does not have to mean adding layers of clothing, To instantly dress up even the most casual, relaxed pair of jeans, and create a street style worthy outfit, just add designer accessories to upgrade your outfit. A quality footwear, a leather bag or a trendy sunglasses would make your look appear more ‘expensive’ from head to toe.

Try Double Denim

Street style double denim outfit

Many women find it challenging to wear the double denim style. Remember Britney Spears infamous matching outfit at the 2001 American Music Awards with her then-beau Justin Timberlake? For a great outfit for casual weekend, you can start with a great-fitting pair of skinny jeans in medium blue, vintage wash.  Then add a boyfriend style jean jacket Complete the look with a bag and easy sneakers and you have got the perfect weekend outfit.

Wear A Black Denim

Street style fashion in black jeans

Pair slim-fitting black jeans with a tucked-in white t-shirt and then add great accessories to personalize your look. This light on top, dark bottom colour combination is flattering to all shapes and sizes. Wearing pointy black high heels also helps to create a long, lean leg line and it is great for an overall slimming effect. Choose black-and-white accessories to keep the monotone effect going if you want a city-chic effect.  This simple and classic fashion combination can be dressed up for almost any occasion.

images via google

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My Clingy Husky

Yes, this one.  He is our cheeky and clingy dog. We usually let him into the house after his dinner at 7.00 pm so he would hang out in the living room until we go to bed at around 9.30 pm.  Sometimes he would watch tv for a while and most of the time, he will be napping if missy did not disturb him.

On Tuesday, he was let out an hour earlier than usual and hubs did not play with him much.  15 minutes later, we heard howling so I went downstairs to check on him.  He quickly came over and whined so I patted and scratched him for about 10 mins.  Then I closed the door and went to bed.  Less than 10 minutes later, Cooper howled again.  I asked hubs to go down and see him this time and so he did.  After spending about 15 mins with him, hubs went back to bed.  Cooper did not howl anymore.

The same thing happened last night.  We let him out of the house earlier than usual and he howled again.  Despite me patting him and talking to him, he still howled after I closed the door. So again I asked hubs to check on him.  He patted Cooper till he fell asleep in 10 minutes.  We come to the conclusion that Cooper wants hubs to pay more attention to him like talking to him and pat him more especially at night.  He is still like a little boy who wants attention.

Siberian huskies are notorious for craving the attention of their owners.  Cooper wants to play, be petted and cuddled even though hubs bring him for a walk every evening.  According to some information I read online, huskies do not like to be alone and can develop anxiety issues compared to other breeds.  We did not know all these before we adopted him.  It is definitely a learning process for all of us.


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Short Wedding Dress Trends – Raising The Hemline

Although there are many traditions that come with weddings, sometimes the rules are only there to be broken. Most brides choose gorgeous full-length gowns that were made to trail down the aisle, but for the unconventional bride who would rather not go for the traditional route may opt for a short wedding dress.  Having more choices in wedding dresses than ever before, brides are increasingly looking for a gown that perfectly reflects their personality and style.

The latest trend taking hold is the short wedding dresses, which can be as demure and sophisticated as a maxi or midi. They are contemporary, lightweight, comfortable and can be worn for the entire wedding day or used as a second dress for the evening reception.  Bonus point is that a short wedding dress is also ideal for dancing the night away.

A shorter dress can be just as versatile, with high necklines, plunging necklines, long sleeves, classic cuts, short sleeves, trumpet hemlines, embroidery and embellishment all adding a unique twist to each design.

Take a look at some of the short wedding dress from Babyonlinedress ( and be inspired to embrace a shorter dress on your wedding day.

V-neck White Pleats Sleeveless Short Summer Beach Wedding Dresses

V-neck White Pleats Sleeveless Short Summer Beach Wedding Dress (

Lace Wedding Dress With Detachable Train (

Charming Lace Tea-Length Zipper Tulle Designer Wedding Dress

Tea length Tulle Wedding Dress (

How would you know if a shorter wedding dress will suit you? Do try one on and see how you feel.  It is all about confidence. Both taller and shorter brides can suit this style, showing off long legs or elongating shorter pins by finding the perfect cut that hits the thigh or calf in just the right place.  You will easily turn heads in these wedding dress choices.  Short wedding dresses ( are a good excuse to show some leg and a killer pair of shoes, this 2020 wedding dress trend is for you.

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Buy Unsweetened Almond Milk In Malaysia

Once in awhile I would have some unsweetened almond milk which I usually buy from Family Mart.  It is about RM4.60 for a 180ml pack of 137 Degrees Almond Milk.  That’s pretty expensive eh?  This is the reason why I do not drink them often.

So this morning while I was at Bake With Yen in my neighbourhood, I spotted the 137 Degrees Almond Milk (Unsweetened) in their fridge.  I guess they have started selling the almond milk now.  What’s great is that they are on promotion.  A pack of 1L Original Unsweetened Almond Milk is only RM15.90.  What a steal eh?

I am not sure when this promo will end.  Bake With Yen usually have weekly if not monthly promotions so I guess it is best to visit them often to see what they have.

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Why You Should Always Buy Used Office Furniture

Part of owning your own business is getting to decide how to decorate your office and what furniture to use. This process can be a lot of fun, but it can also be expensive. Instead of buying overpriced pieces, you may want to consider going with used. If you’re skeptical, here are four reasons to convince you that used office furniture is the best.

It’s Cost-Effective

Saving money is always a good thing, even if you have the money to splurge. If your business is just starting out, you need to watch every penny. Buying used desks, chairs and pre owned cubicles for separating employees, can save you a bundle. Money not spent on extravagant furniture can go towards other start-up costs.

You Can Get Brand Names

Used office furniture doesn’t mean cheap. In fact, you’ll find many high-quality brand names at a great price simply because they’re gently used. This is a great way to buy designer furniture that you’re itching to have without breaking the bank.

It’s Better for the Environment

Why buy new when you can reuse perfectly good furniture? In most cases, used furniture just wasn’t suited to the previous owner’s taste. By taking advantage of these treasures, you’re helping to prevent waste for items that would have to be thrown away. This is a refreshing way to help the environment instead of just consuming more and more.

You Can Resell Later

Years later if you decide you’re ready to upgrade, you can resell your furniture or pass it on to someone else who can use it. By the time you’re ready to redecorate, you can find even more modern used furniture and start this environmentally-friendly cycle all over again.

It’s a Great Strategy

For the person taking on a brand new business, or one that just wants to update the office, used furniture is a great strategy to save money. Given the value and the craftsmanship of many of these pieces, you’ll likely realize that used is the way to go.

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Getting Our Dose Of Vitamin D

We love heading to the park on the weekends.  Nothing like some exercise to release stress.  I love soaking in the sun and having a good sweat.  Not only is exercise good for our physical well-being, but it is also fantastic for our mental well-being.  Exercise releases endorphins which create feelings of happiness.  Whether taking a brisk walk, running or yoga, every little bit will feed our mind and soul.

It was a beautiful Sunday and we chose to go a little later like 10.30am as it is less crowded.  Look at the puffy clouds!

I had a good run and managed to run 3km and clocked in about 3900 steps on my Fitbit.  Pretty satisfied with my workout that day.

We spotted this little thing in the bushes playing catch up with its friend.

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My Obsession With Denim

I love shopping for denim.  You can never have too many right?  I have been obsessed with denim since I was a teenager in the 80’s.  If I can remember correctly, I had a pair of light wash denim, a pair of denim shorts and a denim dungaree. Wish I have photos of me wearing denim back them.  It would be nice to look back.  Denim is timeless and so versatile. I can live in them every day.  Fast forward today, my collection of denim keeps increasing. I was cleaning my wardrobe last week and discovered that I have these:-

This pile is my ‘going-out’ denim and I have 15 pairs of them. They are my straight-cut, crop, distressed and skinny jeans.

This pile consists of 3 pairs of denim skirts and 7 pairs of denim shorts.

So what do you think? Do I qualify as a denim-addict?  Besides shopping for myself, I also buy many pieces of denim for missy.  One of these days, I will count the number of denim she has and take a photo of her wardrobe too.

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