Branded Clothes For Less

Remember the stall that sells branded clothes at the market that I frequent?  Well, recently I found some good buys too.  This stall brings in brand new clothes from the factories in Bangladesh that produce clothes for brand names likeH&M, Monki, Zara, Mango, Kiabi, American Eagle, Esprit, New Look, Cheap Mondayand many other European brands. They are usually not many pieces per design though. If you would like to read about what I bought earlier, do click here, here and here.

I was over the moon to find these 2 denim dresses that are from New Look. Check them out below.

Puff Sleeves Collared Dress. Nice?

The tags are still intact.

I managed to find this dress on New Look website –

The other dress is this black acid wash ruffled denim dress.

Also found it on New Look website –

This is me doing a toilet selfie wearing the black acid wash denim dress.

Can you guess how much I paid for each dress?  RM35! What a steal right? I am always hunting for good bargains from this stall. Now, the lady boss doesn’t bring in that many clothes anymore which is a bummer. But once in a while I still managed to find some good buys. Can you tell that shopping makes me happy? I just bought some clothes from Ashley yesterday.  I will post again later.

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My Favourite Kind Of Food

This week has been a short work week because of Labour Day and Hurry Raya. Was back to work on Thursday and boy was it a stressful one because I had to prepare a tender that is due next Monday. There are so many documents that needed to be typed and compiled. Thankfully the week is short and on Friday evening, hubs took us to have Korean food as an early Mother’s Day celebration.  

We decided to try Bulgogi House instead of Uncle Jang where we usually frequent.  Bulgogi House serves Korean Hot Pot and Korean BBQ.  The food served in all-you-can-eat style.  There is a choice of Miso soup or Kimchi jiggae.  We don’t have to BBQ our own meat as they can do it in their kitchen.  The BBQ platter consists of Tteok Kkochi, steamed Korean rice cake on skewers, sliced pork, sliced chicken and Tteok-galbi, marinated pork patty.  We were also served a plate of pancake and steamed egg.  

If we need more food, we just have to leave different coloured spoons for different types of food in the hanging basket on their wall.  They will check what we need and bring them to the table.  What a unique concept. Banchan (side dishes) are available at the self-served bar.  

The kimchi jiggae is my favourite with lots of vegetables and sliced meat.   

After a stressful short week, all these made it better.

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Tree Planting Activity At Taman Tugu

Missy was scrolling Tik Tok one day and chanced upon a post by one influencer who went to Taman Tugu 2 weeks ago for a tree planting activity.  She would love to learn more about how to plant a tree and how she can play a part to help the environment.  After some googling for Taman Tugu and Plant A Tree, I discovered the Free Tree Society, an NGO based in Bangsar that aims to bring environmental conservation to urban areas.  They have been planting and giving away trees to green the Earth.  They also run volunteer sessions and speak at events and workshops on environmental issues, encourage biodiversity and to promote a love of nature.

Luckily I managed to sign us up 2 days before the event.  I was a little worried that there will be no event last Saturday as it was the start of the long Labour Day and Terkejut Raya holiday. It’s no fun having a bored teen at home, if you know what I mean. So on that day, I roped in my friend Elaine and her daughter to join us at Taman Tugu.  It was a fun 2-hour session where we learned about the different types of trees, rainwater harvesting, planting basics, how to plant forest seeds and the amazing work of the Free Tree Society. Below are some photos taken on that day.

The two girls enjoying a swinging good time before the start of the event.

Some of the important items for mixing the soil.

Briefing by Baida, the founder of Free Tree Society.

We went for a nursery trail to see some of Malaysia’s native plants and trees.


A member of the Free Tree Society showing us how to mix the soil.

On that day, we learnt how to plant Buah Kulim (Scorodocarpus borneensis Becc) which are known as the wild garlic and they have a pungent smell. Buah Kulim are often used by the Orang Asli as seasoning.  We have to crack open the shell to expedite the germination process.

Putting the soil into the bag and then followed by the Buah Kulim.  After this, we have to water the plant and then placed it in a special area for it to grow.  Before the session wrapped up, Baida talked about compost and how we can do our part to reduce waste. The we went to another short trail walk to see some trees and plants.  We could hear the thunder rumbling in the sky but the rain held up.  Thank God. Lastly, Baida gave a talk about climate change, which is missy’s favorite topic.

This is one of the tallest trees in Taman Tugu and it is the Jelutong Tree.  I just love the green lush forest of Taman Tugu.

The Nature Education Programme was organized by the Free Tree Society in collaboration with Taman Tugu and Free Tree Society and is fully sponsored by CIMB Islamic Bank.  The 2 hour session was very interesting and education.  We went home feeling happy that we played a small part that day by learning how to plant a seedling that would eventually grow into a tree. We hope to join more programmes organize by the Free Tree Society.


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Getting Some Vitamin D

Last Saturday, I asked missy to go to the stadium with me so that she can practice her skateboarding.  This month, her lessons have stopped as her coach is fasting due to Ramadhan.  She didn’t want to go at first but I persuaded her.  It is good to be outdoor instead of cooping up at home and watching Netflix all the time.

Getting some sun is a good mood booster and also sweating it out is good for the immune system.  When reached the skatepark, there were a few skateboarders and missy was shy to skate there by herself.  I told her to just do her thing and don’t worry about others.  So she spent like 45 minutes practicing her skills.  She brought the Yamba Cruiser so it was smoother when going around the park.

Then later we moved to an open space where she skated more. Before sunset, we hopped over to Bagelo, a newly opened Bagel cafe at the stadium for takeaway dinner and coffee.

The exterior of Bagelo makes an Instagram-worth space.

When we were in the car, missy told me that she had a great time and was glad that she practiced her skateboarding.

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Best Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift 2022

Mother’s Day is certainly not the only day we should celebrate the incredible women in our lives, whether she is our aunt, grandmother, friends, but it is also a good excuse to shower them with gifts.  Beautiful flowers and chocolates aside, jewelry is the perfect way to make her feel special on Mother’s Day and every day that they wear it.  Gifting jewelry is longer lasting because there is a staying power and sentimental value, making it the perfect choice for Mother’s Day.  

When considering a gift of jewelry for Mother’s Day, there are many options available and the best place to shop for them is at Jeulia, a leading online premium jewelry store that offers a great selection of stunning jewelry designs using man-made stones, sterling silver, and up to 18 carat gold plating. Each stunning piece of jewelry is designed distinctively and created in-house at their state-of-the-art facility in California.

Ahead are some favorite sparkly jewels to celebrate moms, from personalized pendants to customized rings.  No matter what kind of mom you are getting ready to spoil, Jeulia has got the perfect jewelry below. 

If the mom in your life prefers a less traditional and more modern style, then look for a beautiful piece that still expresses how special she is such as this Love Is All Around personalized gold necklace and pendant adorned with gemstone. 

This classic princess cut tennis bracelet is a piece she will love. A row of stones radiate optimal shimmer and this sterling silver adjustable tennis bracelet is held together with a  bolo clasp. It adds a touch of glamour to any outfit.

Show mom that you love her with all of your heart when you surprise her with a gift she will always treasure. This beautiful halo morganite heart ring represents the love and tenderness. If you are looking for a way to express your love for your mom and make her feel special, this ring is a great gift of Mothers Day jewelry that she can enjoy throughout the year.

There are so many gorgeous options to choose from at Jeulia. Their stunning selection of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and one-of-a-kind gothic pieces like a skull ring or personalized jewelry pieces are sure to impress the mom in your life this Mother’s Day.

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Reasons Why People Love Seafood Restaurants

Many people eat seafood for various reasons, but what makes them so popular? Consumers are attracted to seafood, whether it’s the taste, texture, or overall quality. And as the consumption of seafood increases, so do the health benefits. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of seafood and what makes people of different races and ethnicity prefer to eat it. Whether they’re just curious about what it tastes like or are serious seafood eaters, here are a few reasons why people love seafood restaurants in san francisco too.

Health benefits of eating seafood

Consuming seafood regularly is essential to our overall health. Seafood is rich in proteins, omega-3s, and other essential nutrients. These nutrients are necessary for the body. Omega-3 fatty acids are suitable for the brain and the eyes and reduce the risk of many health conditions. The omega-3 fatty acids in seafood are also ideal for our eyesight and reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration and Alzheimer’s disease. Omega-3s are also crucial for developing children’s brains.

Consuming seafood regularly may help prevent heart attacks. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish and can help lower your blood pressure. Research has shown that eating seafood can reduce your risk of heart disease by 40 percent. Fatty fish contain more omega-3 fatty acids, but be sure to cook it properly because high heat destroys these fats. All types of fish are high in protein, low in saturated fat, and contain healthy amounts of vitamin E.

Seafood is also a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Consuming two to three servings a week is enough to give your body the best nutrients. However, to get the most out of seafood, it’s essential to include seafood as part of a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats from olive oil, low-fat sugar, and refined carbohydrates.

Race-ethnicity differences in seafood consumption

There are significant race-ethnicity differences in seafood consumption. White and non-Hispanic Asian youth are more likely to consume seafood than their Hispanic counterparts. However, white and non-Hispanic black males consume less seafood than their Asian counterparts. Even though the rates are similar, non-Hispanic white and Asian males consume more seafood than their Hispanic counterparts.

The reason for this disparity may lie in deep-rooted food customs. One 2003 ERS study, which controlled for other factors, showed that non-Hispanic Asians consumed more seafood than their white and black counterparts. The study predicted that U.S. seafood consumption would increase faster than meat and poultry demand but remained under the federal dietary guidelines. In addition, those who ate more seafood than their white counterparts were more likely to be healthy, explaining the disparity.

One study found that women who self-identified as ‘Other’ were more likely to consume fish than white counterparts. In addition, non-Hispanic Blacks were more likely to report eating more than three servings of seafood per month. Among white women, the highest-consuming group was more likely to be US-born and foreign-born Hispanic, while non-Hispanic black women consumed the least.

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Food Truck At The Space, Sri Petaling

Recently hubs saw a sharing on Facebook regarding food trucks operating in Sri Petaling, which is quite near us. The food trucks are parked in an empty lot just opposite The Pinnacle condominium block. We decided to check it out 2 Sundays ago.  There were only 6 food trucks when we were there and as dark clouds were hovering at that time, we decided to take away the food. 

We checked out The Space again last Sunday and were surprised to see many new food trucks. 

This time we dined there and sat at one of the tables provided.

I ordered fried squid and salt and pepper chicken chop from Seoul Food truck and stinky tofu.  I also ordered a cappuccino from the Kool Speciality Coffee.  

Hubs had beef bolognese while Ashley had Mac and Cheese from Bluum.rc.  Both of them ordered Thai milk tea from one of the food trucks selling coffee and tea. I forgot the name of that particular food truck. 

The food was delicious and not too expensive.  It is nice to dine under the stars after so long.   We love food trucks and are glad that there is one near us.  There is ample parking space available.  If you want to try a new dining experience, why not check out The Space, Sri Petaling?  They are only open from Friday to Sunday.  


 Jalan Radin Anum 4, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Mon-Thu Closed
Opens Fri-Sun 5pm–12am
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Low Carb Blueberry Muffins

Low carb blueberry muffins or keto muffins are one of my favourites.  They are delicious and easy to whip up.  If you want to give them a try, scroll down for the recipe which I got online. They are the Low Carb Keto Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins made with almond flour.


  • 2 1/2 cup almond flour
  • 1/2 cup Erythritol (or any granulated sweetener)
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp Sea salt (optional)
  • 1/3 cup Coconut oil (can also use butter)
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk (I replaced it with whipping cream)
  • 3 large Egg
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup Blueberries



  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (177 degrees C). Line a muffin pan with 12 silicone or paper muffin liners.
  2. In a large bowl, stir together the almond flour, erythritol, baking powder and sea salt.
  3. Mix in the melted coconut oil/butter, almond milk, eggs, and vanilla extract. Fold in the blueberries.
  4. Distribute the batter evenly among the muffin cups. Bake for about 20 minutes, until the top is golden and an inserted toothpick comes out clean.
  5. E A T

IMG_20170806_114944-01 IMG_20170806_193629-01

This is another version of low carb keto muffin using coconut flour which I have tried.

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Fast And Easy Way To Get Car Insurance Quotes Online In Malaysia

When it comes to car-related matters, my husband is the one who is in charge, whether it is to renew the road tax, car insurance or sending our cars for servicing.  I still remember last year when one of our cars’ insurance was due for renewal, he wanted to check with other insurance companies to compare the quotes.  However, it was time-consuming to look up the different companies’ contact details, make phone calls, provide them with all the necessary information and then wait for their replies.

The process is just too tedious to compare several car insurance quotes while shopping for car insurance.  In the end, he just abandoned the idea and renewed the car insurance with the existing insurer.  For all we know, the cost difference can be a few hundred ringgit.  If only we found out about earlier.

Dreamshop is an e-commerce platform that has partnered with to provide easier and more affordable alternative insurance solutions for car owners. What’s best about this is that car owners get to receive car insurance quotes online for free and make comparisons from 10 different insurers. Using the tagline “Car Insurance Made Easy“, these two companies are revolutionizing the way car owners compare insurance quotes, purchase, renew and make payments. Everything can be done online in the comfort of your home.

Car owners can renew and get their insurance cover note within 24 hours on a business day.  Comparing quotes is the best way to find cheap car insurance as well as the best coverage from top providers.

How To Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online?

    • Go to this link – and key in your details.
    • Sit back and wait for your quotes to be generated.
    • Choose your preferred quote.
    • Opt for their 0% interest-free instalment plans when you make payment.

List Of Insurance Companies That You Can Get Quotes From

On this platform, you can get car insurance quotes from 10 insurers and they are:-

  • Tune Insurance Malaysia Berhad
  • AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad
  • Etiqa General Takaful Berhad
  • Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad
  • Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Am Berhad
  • RHB Insurance Berhad
  • MSIG Insurance Berhad
  • Zurich General Insurance Malaysia Berhad
  • Orient Insurance Co. Bhd
  • Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad

Interest-Free Instalment Plan 

In order to provide more affordable insurance solutions for motorists, Car Insurance Made Easy is taking it to the next level by allowing motorist owners to purchase insurance with an instalment plan. How wonderful is that? This is certainly great news for those who are on a tight budget.  Check out below for the 10 banks that are offering 0% interest-free instalment plans on Dreamshop.

Check out below for the 1o banks that are offering 0% interest-free instalment plans for up to 36 months on

Special Offer For Those Who Are Renewing Car Insurance

For the first 100 customers who are renewing car insurance with this platform, they are eligible to get RM50 off on the spot. Just enter the promo code DSP50.  So, what are you waiting for?  Click on this link – and start enjoying the savings. Dreamshop/PolicyStreet is the trusted way to compare car insurance quotes from top auto insurance companies.

How To Receive Your E-Policy / E- Cover Note

Once you have decided on the insurance plan and made the payment, you will receive your e-Policy / e-Cover Note via email within 5 minutes to 1 business day.

Win Some Prizes This April & May!

For April and May 2022, customers who renew their car insurance through Dreamshop’s PolicyStreet will automatically be in the running to win Agoda vouchers worth RM100 and also a fashionable backpack worth RM69.90.

For more information, visit their websites below:-

Renew Car Insurance –
Website –
Facebook –
Instagram –

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Best Waist Trainers You Can Buy Online

Waist training is all the rage now, thanks to celebrities like Jessica Alba and the Kardashians who swear by it.  They have been flaunting their hourglass figures on social media that were achieved by wearing a waist trainer.

If you would like to slim your waist and have an hourglass figure, you can start waist training. With the right shapewear, you can have a slimmer waist instantly and as a matter of fact, a waist trainer can even support your long-term slimming goals.

What Is A Waist Trainer?

A waist trainer is a firm compression undergarment that is worn around the waist to flatten the tummy, slim the waistline and hide love handles, muffin top or a belly pooch. Waist trainers are usually made from latex or neoprene material with hook and eye closures, zipper and velcro strap.

What is waist training? 

Waist training is a process of wearing a waist trainer for up to 8 hours a day to sculpt the body and strengthen the muscles to create a flatter tummy and a more defined waist.  Some women wear waist trainers to supplement their fitness goals. Waist trainers stimulate thermal activity in the core to enable more perspiration with less effort during exercise. It can effectively help to boost the intensity of the workouts

Ahead are some of the top waist trainers you can buy from Sculptshe, a leading retail store that has a wide array of waist trainers and the best shapewear for women.

Double Belt Waist Trainer

This neoprene double belt waist trainer provides maximum compression and ramps up the heat to make you perspire more. It is easy to slip on and off. It has 9 flexible steel bones for a better shaping effect.  The double belt strap gives a custom fit.

Sculptshe Neoprene Double Belts Waist Trainer Vest

20 Steel Bone Hook Latex Waist Trainer

Get maximum strength waist slimming in this black latex waist trainer. Reduce inches from your waist in this 20 steel bone waist trainer that features 4 rows of hook and eye closures.  It smooths the midsection and offers a stunning hourglass figure.  The flat seams make the waist trainer invisible underneath clothes.

Tummy Waist Wrap

This is the ideal waist wrap shaper that helps to burn fat and calories easily no matter if you are working out, at work or staying home. It features 6 quality velcros and loop fasteners for easy adjustment.  This waist wrap can snatch your waist to give you an hourglass figure, helps with posture and offer lower back support.

Together with a combination of the right diet and exercise regime, waist trainers can help to achieve your long-term fitness goals. Check out Sculpshe for a wide range of quality shapewear, waist trainers and plus size waist trainers that can help you to get back in shape.

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