Doing My Mom Duty

As missy stays in her dormitory for her pre-U, she would buy her lunch and dinner from the cafeteria in the university. Sometimes she’ll walk over to the restaurant at the apartment across from her university for some good Middle Eastern cuisine or she’ll go out with her friends to the nearby mall for food and grocery shopping.

Missy only knows how to cook simple food like noodles and eggs. If she wants to do some cooking, she would have to do it at the pantry area using a shared induction cooker and her own cooking utensils.

Since she prefers not to do any cooking, I would prep some dinners for her to bring over to her dorm every Sunday. That’s when she goes back to the dorm after spending the weekend at home. This way, she would have some variety of food instead of just ordering food from the cafeteria.  Here are some of the food that I have prepared for missy.

Rice with stir fry chicken and mixed vegetables.

Pasta carbonara with ham

Roasted tomato pasta

Noodles with Japanese curry and chicken / egg wrap

I would snap a pic of all the food that I have cooked so that I can remember what I have cooked for her. I am actually running out of ideas on what to prepare for her so I would go to Instagram or FB and watch some cooking posts for inspiration. These few months, she’s on a break until she starts her first year in September. Although I don’t have to cook any food for her to bring to the dorm, I still have to cook a few times a week since she’s home now.

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How To Master The Y2K Fashion Trend In 2024

The early 2000s is known as the Y2K era, and that was when fashion took a bold turn and left us with iconic trends. 20 years later, its unique style is getting popular again with the fashionistas all over the world. 

So what is the Y2K trend? Y2K refers to the year 2000 where fashion offers some nostalgia from the late 90s to early aughts pop culture. Some of the notable celebrities are Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera who were known as being youthful, edgy and rebellious, and they show through the low rise distressed denim, sunglasses, mini or midi skirts and cropped y2K baby tees.

Like most of the fashion trends right now, it all started with Gen-Z influencers who spot retro hairstyles, chokers, butterfly clips and y2k clothing on social media platforms. It doesn’t take long for fashion brands like Balenciaga, Bluemarine and Dsquared to incorporate Y2K elements into their collection. The 00s fashion is being recycled with an innovative twist.

If you want to give the Y2K fashion a try, here are some tips on what you need to channel the 00s era.

Sequin Everything

Add some dazzle to your wardrobe with sequins all over. Embrace the glitz and fancy style of the early aughts with sequin skirts or dresses to sparkle and stand out at any event.

Get Cozy In Velour 
A Y2K favorite that is making a comeback is velour clothing. Wrap yourself in the plush comfort of velour, from tracksuits to dresses. This material adds a touch of luxe to casual wear. Velour clothing will bring warmth and style to your wardrobe.

Elevate Your Look with Platforms

Step up your fashion style game with platform shoes that will surely bring back the Y2K vibes. Whether you are wearing dresses, jeans, or skirts, these statement shoes will give a nod to retro glam.

Get Mesh for an Edgy Vibe

You can add a touch of edginess to your wardrobe by incorporating mesh fabrics. Whether it is in tops or dresses, this will give a modern twist to the iconic 00s styles.

Capri Pants for Effortless Elegance

For a classy and modern look, why not give capri pants a try? This Y2K style has been given a fresh twist in 2024. Capri pants are great for both casual and semi-dressy occasions.

Build Up A Collection of Baby Tees 

Baby tees are the ultimate Y2K trend. These fitted and short tops are great for pairing with low-rise jeans, cargo pants or shorts. The cropped tees are a fun way to give a nod to the styles of the past.

So if you want to hop on to the baby tee trend, check out Cherry Kitten, an online Y2K clothing store that offers a fashionable range of slogan tees that are a fashionable alternative to simple crop tops.

Pair these funny baby tees with denim, a baguette bag, a pair of strappy kitten heels and a Von Dutch trucker hat to channel the Y2K aesthetic.

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Back To School Gift Ideas

Teachers, educators and administrators help to shape students’ lives through a passion for knowledge, care, and kindness. They work tirelessly to offer students of all ages with important tools they need to be successful and lead a productive life.

No matter if they are singing ABCs, giving lectures or grading exams, their profession encourages the children to be their best selves. If you are prepping your children for the coming school days, you can start the school year by showing your love and appreciation to the amazing teachers. You can kick off the school year with a Back to School Teacher Appreciation Gift.

The back to school teacher appreciation gifts are an easy and fun way to show your child’s teachers that they are appreciated. There are many different ways to welcome the teachers back for the school year that are affordable and fun. If you love to bake, you can bake some cookies or cakes for a sweet treat. Or if you can also your gratitude with memorable back to school gifts such as teacher shirts.

Every teacher is unique and each of them brings in a different magic into the classroom. Whether they are the grammar gurus or math magicians, you can find a wide range of fun and inspiring teacher clothes from that will reflects their dazzling personality.

What better way to cherish your children’s teachers’ dedication than through a personalized teacher t shirt? Let’s dive into this lovely collection of teacher apparel.

Art Shirts 

The art teachers have a knack for creativity adn they get to encourage students to think outside the box and to embrace their talents. This is why their teacher t-shirts need to embrace this artsy vibe through unique, colorful and captivating designs.

Music Shirts

The teachers’ visionary dedication to teaching leads the classroom on a colorful journey of music. They help children compose their first melody to unleash their inner Pavarotti.  Isn’t that awesome?

Inspirational Tees

Back to school shirts like this tee with the message “Be Kind” not only reminds the children to be kind to one another but also to support other teachers around them.

Here is another teacher t-shirt with the message “We All Have A Story“. It is great for reminding the students to show empathy for their classmates. This teacher tee speaks volumes!

For The Coffee Lover

This tee is great to let everyone know how the teacher will keep it altogether for the next 100 days of school.

Whether you are looking for comfortable sweatshirts, teacher dresses, fun teacher T-shirts, Teachersgram has got you covered. Show your favorite educators how much you appreciate their hard work with Teachergram’s stylish teacher apparel.

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My Favourite Past Time

Yup. That’s me!

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Embrace Comfort With Oversized T-shirts

Are you looking to give your wardrobe an upgrade with something that is comfortable and stylish? The wide selection of oversized shirt womens at Boldoversize can do just that. No matter if you are going to the gym or an outing with the girls, its women’s oversized t-shirts are a wardrobe staple. 

Boldoversize’s plus size t shirts are very versatile and they go beyond their comfortable fit and appealing designs. They offer an endless possibility to create a stylish, fashionable and coordinated look. Made from quality material and crafted with careful attention to details, these t-shirts are durable and can withstand regular wear.

You can pair them with your favorite gym bike shorts or leggings with matching colors for a stylish gym attire. You can also wear the plus size oversized t shirt with denim, shorts or women’s jogger pants for a laid-back and casual look.

When buying the womens oversized t shirts, it is recommended to go with your usual size for the relaxed and roomy feel. These tees are specially designed to offer a comfortable and laid back style. They will definitely make a statement wherever you go. 

If you prefer a more standard t-shirt fit with less oversized appearance, then you can go one size down. This will be able to give you a comfortable and relaxed appearance while maintaining a more fitted look. 

Best Ways to Style Oversized Women’s T-Shirts

If you run out of ideas on how to style oversized t-shirts, well don’t worry because here are some style tips for this wardrobe staple.

Pair with the bottoms

One way to master the art of wearing oversized t-shirts is to have balance. Pair the roomy t-shirt with a fitted bottom such as skinny jeans or leggings for a flattering ensemble.

Channel an athleisure vibe

Take your favorite oversized shirts to the next level by adding athleisure vibes. Pair the oversized T-shirt with bicycle shorts, trendy sneakers, and cap to create a trendy, engaging look. It will blend comfort and style, making it a perfect outfit for a day of errands or a casual workout session.

Vintage Raccoon Meme T-Shirt

Tuck In

You can try to tuck in part of your oversized shirt to give it a more defined waistline. Experiment with different tucking styles such as half-tuck or French tuck for that polished yet laid-back look.

Cinch it with a belt 

When wearing an oversized T-shirt, you may accentuate your waist with an accessory like a belt. A wide statement belt is an effortless way to do so. Put on a sleek leather belt to your outfit to add structure to your silhouette.

The magic of layering

In order to elevate the appeal of oversized washed t shirt, you can put on a blazer, a denim jacket or even a cozy cardi for the sophisticated look. Accessorize your look with scarves or statement necklaces.

Style with the knot

Another way is to tie the oversized tee with a knot at the hem. This is a trendy and fun twist to your look.

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Crush Your Fitness Goals With These Workout Tees

Finding the perfect workout shirt to wear when you exercise is more than just taking any tee from your closet. The right T-shirt will be able to enhance your performance and boost your confidence as well. 

Exercise Bear Washed Gym Shirt

What Makes A Good Gym Attire?

Having good gym clothing is important for any fitness enthusiast. The best shirt can offer many benefits that will help you to feel more comfortable, confident, and motivated to slay your goal. 

Good gym shirts are moisture wicking to keep you dry and comfortable during exercise. Materials such as polyester, nylon, or a blend of these with cotton, are great as they keep comfortable during intense workouts. 

Beast Scoop Bottom Cotton Tank

The shirts should fit well and do not restrict movement. It should match your personal style and also your activity level. If a shirt is too loose or too tight, it can be distracting and uncomfortable. Wearing it can even interfere with your performance. A well-fitting workout attire should allow you to move freely and perform exercises correctly without any restrictions. There are gym tees that are slightly tapered around the torso so you can enhance your physique and enjoy comfort without restricting movement. Whether you’re running or lifting weights, do ensure that your T-shirt fits well.

The best gym outfits comprise of a gym tee and mens performance shorts that are durable and long lasting. A good gym attire is made from quality material that will last longer and make a good investment for your money. 

Blank Performance Training Shorts

The graphic gym tees should also give a psychological boost. When you wear a shirt that looks and feels good, your confidence will be lifted and also gives you motivation to push harder during your exercise. 

Choosing the right exercise gear such as womens gym crop tops and shorts should also be a reflection of your personal style. Iron Panda Fit offers a wide range of designs from minimalistic logos to bold designs that cater to different tastes.


Choosing the right gym apparel involves taking into consideration the materials, fit, durability, comfort and style. The workout tees from Iron Panda Fit check these boxes and you will not only feel good but look good too. Whether you’re new to training or a seasoned gym-goer, the right workout T-shirt will keep you comfortable and focused as you strive towards your goal.

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Herbal Inhaler From Thailand

If you have been following my blog, you would have come across my earlier posts about how much I love inhalers. You can read about it here and here. So I received the herb HongThai inhaler from my friend who went to Bangkok recently.

I have just started to use it and oh boy, just one whiff and my soul returns to my body. Yes, it is that strong. This herbal inhaler consists of eucalyptus, campor and other herbs. All the herbs are kept in a white sachet inside this green plastic bottle.

Let me tell you something. This herbal inhaler is really addictive. You won’t be able to stop using it after a sniff.  It helps me when I have a headache or stress. I feel better after taking a sniff.

If you want to give it a try, you can find them on Shopee. Just search Hong Thai Herbal Inhaler.

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Freshest Flower Bouquets With Free Delivery In Malaysia

Flowers are great gifts for each and every occasion. They represent love, affection and appreciation, quite unlike other material gifts.  Flowers are gifts from the heart and they are important for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, weddings and funerals. Some people may struggle to convey their feelings so flowers are used to express their emotions and sentiments. 

Flowers boost positivity and happiness, and receiving flowers makes people happy. Not only are they a popular gift all year round, it is one of the best ways to cheer someone up.  When you send flowers to someone you know who need an extra boost may give them the motivation they need and lift their spirits.  

If you are looking to spoil someone who are close to you or just want to give them a surprise, you may want to check out Floral Garage, a leading online florist in Malaysia.  Floral Garage is the most trusted florist in Malaysia and they offer free express same day flower delivery all over Malaysia.  

Bianca png

Why You Should Order From Floral Garage

This florist kuala lumpur offers the freshest and highly-graded flowers for their bouquets.  They have a talented and creative flower designers who put the fun back into flower gifting by designing amazing flower bouquets.  Floral Garage is the easiest and most reliable way for ordering flowers online. You will be spoiled for choice with over 1,000 flower options that are available.  Whether it is a simple bouquet to the most sophisticated wedding arrangements, Floral Garage has got you covered. 

R51 6 scaled 1 jpg

Their aim is to make online gifting as affordable and efficient as possible. With many years of experience and having delivered over 100,000 flower bouquets all over Malaysia, this free delivery express florist Malaysia are an expert in floral designs. Their attention to details can be seen in their bouquet creations, right down to the selection of ribbons and wrapping material that make every bouquet unique.  This leading online florist has a Google rating score of 4.6 of 5. It shows that they have an excellent reputation and service.  

Besides offering different types of flowers such as Roses, Calla Lily, Carnations, Peonies and more, you can also choose the different wrapping styles you like. You can opt for kraft wrapping, soft mesh, traditional wrapping or even Korean style wrapping that is trending right now. 

image 2023 10 30T04 39 39 385Z png

How To Order Flowers Online At Floral Garage

Ordering online is very simple at their user-friendly website. You can narrow down your search for the different types of flowers, the occasions and wrapping style from the drop down menu. With just a few clicks, fill in your information and check out. 

Floral Garage has three delivery time slots (10-2pm, 1-5pm and 5-10pm) so you can choose the right time to deliver the flowers.

beauteous 3 png

This florist malaysia same day delivery has flower bouquets for every occasion. Their bouquets are very affordable too. With Floral Garage, you do not need to worry about being late with your gift anymore because they offer free same day flower delivery. 

Let Floral Garage be your No. 1 choice for all your flower gifting needs. Head over to Floral Garage now to spread some happiness and cheer. 

Trendy in Black (R13)

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Birthday Cakes For The 19 Year Old

So someone turned 19 a few days ago. Time flew by so quickly and I can’t believe it that missy is almost an adult. This is her last year as a teenager.

As always, she is very blessed to have so many people celebrating her birthday. Besides gifts, she also had 2 birthday cakes. One was from her beloved aunts and one from Aunty Annie.  She has been dreaming of having an old school cake with lots of icing and her aunt scoured everywhere to look for this type of cake. My sister found one from a homebaker. This is the old school Hello Kitty cake for the 19 year old. Hello Kitty is her favorite character at the moment.

See how cute this cake is? It reminds me of the cakes I grew up eating. It is a small size cake and guess what? Missy finished about 80% of the cake. The 20% were given out to the family members at the dinner.

This is the bunny cake or bunny tart from Annie. It is from Delectable and Annie wanted to get her this cake because of the cute bunnies. The flowers around the cake are edible but she didn’t eat them. Also, missy ate the whole cake which took 3 days to finish.

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Delicious Keto Char Koay Teow You Can Order In KL

This is a backdated post. I was browsing Facebook and came across a post in LCHF Keto  Market group about a hawker stall that fries Keto Char Koay Teow or keto fried flat noodles. This coffee shop is called NSV and is located at Old Klang Road.

So after seeing the plate of mouth-watering keto CKT, I asked hubs to buy it for me on his way back from work. He passes by this area daily. Ta-da….this is my plate (box) of keto char koay teow that is full of ‘wok hei‘. This plate of fried konjac noodles is full of flavour and taste.

It has beansprouts, egg and cookles. This keto CKT is RM13 a plate. Costly eh? I guess it is ok once in a blue moon.


Here is a pic of the coffeeshop that I got from the internet. If you are in the area and would like to give it a try, check out address below.


1, Jalan Mega Mendung, Taman United, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

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