Freshest Flower Bouquets With Free Delivery In Malaysia

Flowers are great gifts for each and every occasion. They represent love, affection and appreciation, quite unlike other material gifts.  Flowers are gifts from the heart and they are important for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, weddings and funerals. Some people may struggle to convey their feelings so flowers are used to express their emotions and sentiments. 

Flowers boost positivity and happiness, and receiving flowers makes people happy. Not only are they a popular gift all year round, it is one of the best ways to cheer someone up.  When you send flowers to someone you know who need an extra boost may give them the motivation they need and lift their spirits.  

If you are looking to spoil someone who are close to you or just want to give them a surprise, you may want to check out Floral Garage, a leading online florist in Malaysia.  Floral Garage is the most trusted florist in Malaysia and they offer free express same day flower delivery all over Malaysia.  

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Why You Should Order From Floral Garage

This florist kuala lumpur offers the freshest and highly-graded flowers for their bouquets.  They have a talented and creative flower designers who put the fun back into flower gifting by designing amazing flower bouquets.  Floral Garage is the easiest and most reliable way for ordering flowers online. You will be spoiled for choice with over 1,000 flower options that are available.  Whether it is a simple bouquet to the most sophisticated wedding arrangements, Floral Garage has got you covered. 

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Their aim is to make online gifting as affordable and efficient as possible. With many years of experience and having delivered over 100,000 flower bouquets all over Malaysia, this free delivery express florist Malaysia are an expert in floral designs. Their attention to details can be seen in their bouquet creations, right down to the selection of ribbons and wrapping material that make every bouquet unique.  This leading online florist has a Google rating score of 4.6 of 5. It shows that they have an excellent reputation and service.  

Besides offering different types of flowers such as Roses, Calla Lily, Carnations, Peonies and more, you can also choose the different wrapping styles you like. You can opt for kraft wrapping, soft mesh, traditional wrapping or even Korean style wrapping that is trending right now. 

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How To Order Flowers Online At Floral Garage

Ordering online is very simple at their user-friendly website. You can narrow down your search for the different types of flowers, the occasions and wrapping style from the drop down menu. With just a few clicks, fill in your information and check out. 

Floral Garage has three delivery time slots (10-2pm, 1-5pm and 5-10pm) so you can choose the right time to deliver the flowers.

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This florist malaysia same day delivery has flower bouquets for every occasion. Their bouquets are very affordable too. With Floral Garage, you do not need to worry about being late with your gift anymore because they offer free same day flower delivery. 

Let Floral Garage be your No. 1 choice for all your flower gifting needs. Head over to Floral Garage now to spread some happiness and cheer. 

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Birthday Cakes For The 19 Year Old

So someone turned 19 a few days ago. Time flew by so quickly and I can’t believe it that missy is almost an adult. This is her last year as a teenager.

As always, she is very blessed to have so many people celebrating her birthday. Besides gifts, she also had 2 birthday cakes. One was from her beloved aunts and one from Aunty Annie.  She has been dreaming of having an old school cake with lots of icing and her aunt scoured everywhere to look for this type of cake. My sister found one from a homebaker. This is the old school Hello Kitty cake for the 19 year old. Hello Kitty is her favorite character at the moment.

See how cute this cake is? It reminds me of the cakes I grew up eating. It is a small size cake and guess what? Missy finished about 80% of the cake. The 20% were given out to the family members at the dinner.

This is the bunny cake or bunny tart from Annie. It is from Delectable and Annie wanted to get her this cake because of the cute bunnies. The flowers around the cake are edible but she didn’t eat them. Also, missy ate the whole cake which took 3 days to finish.

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Delicious Keto Char Koay Teow You Can Order In KL

This is a backdated post. I was browsing Facebook and came across a post in LCHF Keto  Market group about a hawker stall that fries Keto Char Koay Teow or keto fried flat noodles. This coffee shop is called NSV and is located at Old Klang Road.

So after seeing the plate of mouth-watering keto CKT, I asked hubs to buy it for me on his way back from work. He passes by this area daily. Ta-da….this is my plate (box) of keto char koay teow that is full of ‘wok hei‘. This plate of fried konjac noodles is full of flavour and taste.

It has beansprouts, egg and cookles. This keto CKT is RM13 a plate. Costly eh? I guess it is ok once in a blue moon.


Here is a pic of the coffeeshop that I got from the internet. If you are in the area and would like to give it a try, check out address below.


1, Jalan Mega Mendung, Taman United, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

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Best Christian T-Shirts For Him and Her

Christian T-shirts have become a powerful tool for believers to express their faith. These Christian tee shirts are more than just casual wear. They are a testament to God. Wearing a Christian apparel is like announcing your faith. By doing so, you are taking a step to showcase your commitment to your beliefs. 

Christian T shirts often ignite curiosity and are great for starting conversations. This means that wearing Christian tees can open doors to start discussions on faith and personal experiences with God. At times, it can be difficult to spark conversations on faith with strangers but with these t-shirts, it serves as a gentle and non-intrusive way to engage in conversations about religion and faith. 

A Christian T-shirt such as Christian lion shirt can also remind us of the faith journey and the teachings that everyone strive to live by. It is one of the ways to keep the beliefs close to the heart. Wearing apparels with faith-based messages or scriptures can help to serve as a reminder to everyone. 

Wearing Christian apparel or using Christian products such as Christian bags can also foster a sense of belonging and community among the believers. It is a visual symbol that identifies a person as part of a larger group who have similar beliefs and values. These Christian products can serve as a reminder of this unity.

If you are on the lookout for Christian t-shirts like the popular lion cross t shirt and “Be Still Christian” washed shirt, you may want to check out the collection from Guiding Cross, an online retail store that has exceptional products for sharing God’s amazing grace. Its products are designed to make a statement of faith where you go. Guiding Cross t-shirts offer a stylish and comfortable way to share your faith with the rest of the world. 

Every apparel in their collection is made with special care and feature eye-catching designs with powerful messages that reflect the depth of the spirituality. Whether you prefer subtle symbolism or bold graphics, its t-shirts will definitely be a conversation starter and inspire those around you. 

Wearing these Christian t shirts is a unique way to integrate your faith into your daily lives as well as making a silent yet powerful statement. Browse’s selection today and let your wardrobe become the tool for spreading love, hope, and positivity.​ Step out in style with our its latest collection Christian apparels and accessories. Whether it is  verse that is close to your heart or a design that showcases the essence of your faith, there is something for everyone who love to share the words of God. 

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Awesome T-Shirts For Geeks

Geeks are a special breed of human who are responsible for creating many useful things. From improving computer hardware to the inventions of software, geeks are always the ones we can count on in these areas of technology. The works of geeks are downright unintelligible. They write in codes and speak in technical terms. Needless to say, geeks have a kind of life that is distinct from others. 

If you are a geek and you are proud of it, why not stand out from the rest? One of the ways to do so is by wearing cool and creative geeky t-shirts. Summer is here and there is no better time than now to give your wardrobe a refresh with the best nerd t shirts.

Wordy t-shirts are a cool way to express yourself to others. Wearing geek tee shirt will let others know that you are a unique kind of individual and that is the kind that they can run to if they experience any trouble about computers, technology and web. Geeks are the  kind of people who have helped shaped the world in your own geeky ways.

Best Geek T-Shirts You Can Buy Online

Ahead are some of the best tech geek t shirt for your wearing enjoyment. They creatively portrays what the geek lives are all about. These t-shirts range from witty captions to mathematical formulas. They are great shirts that will make others smile. Scroll through and pick the one that you like. 

Science doesn’t care what you believe Science Nerd T-Shirt

Funny science t shirts like this one is great for those who love science as a teacher or students. Whether it is biology, physics, chemistry or math, all the geeks out there will love this retro vintage design that really stands out. This tee will make a great gift idea for a scientist or geek.

Avoid Negativity Geek Science T-Shirt

This funny math shirt that reads ‘Avoid negativity’ will make the perfect shirt for fans of math who are filled with a great sense of positivity in life.

Rainbow Abstraction melted rubix cube Geek T-Shirt

You can absolutely find a Rubik’s cube on every nerd’s desk. Now you can have this symbol of geekiness on your shirt as well. Ain’t that cool right?

It is the new world where smart brains are more impressive than good looks so wear your geekiness with pride by choosing these geek tees and geek shirt from

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Nourishing Soup For The Soul

When I saw my friend, Shireen sharing about the Beacon Seaweed Chicken Soup, I decided to try it.  Available at Beacon Mart, Shopee and Lazada, this frozen chicken soup tastes like pure chicken soup that we boil ourselves.

A packet of this ready-to-cook chicken soup consists of seaweed chicken breast/carcass, dried squid, kohlrabi, energy water and salt. It is wholesome and rich in essential nutrients. The chicken meat come from chickens that were fed with specially formulated chicken feed that contains a special blend of seaweed, moringa leaves, probiotics from Japan, Chinese herbs, proteins, trace elements and vitamins.  These chicken are free from chemicals, hormones and antibiotics.

It is great for busy adults like me. Whenever I feel like having some soup for dinner, I just need to thaw the vacuum packed soup, then boil a pot of water and steam this pack for 15 mins. Then pour it out into a bowl and it is ready to drink.

Sometimes I would empty the whole packet into a pot and add some vegetables, tofu, fu pei (fried beancurd) and fishballs, and bring everything to boil. I love the taste of this wholesome soup.

Each pack weighs about 500ml and cost RM6. There are many other chicken products available at Beacon Mart such as raw beacon chicken, Seaweed Chicken Pure Essense, Eggs, Wanton, Whole Leg Herbal Chicken and many more. Check them out today for a healthier choice.

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Hiking At Bukit Dinding

During the recent Hari Raya holidays, my friend, Elaine asked me to stay over at her house so that she can bring me for a hike at Bukit Dinding near her place. It sounded exciting as I have not been hiking since the pandemic. So off I went to spend a night in her house and next morning we woke up pretty early and left the house at 7am.

Bukit Dinding is a short drive from her place. That morning was pretty cooling and quiet as it was the Raya holidays and not many people went hiking.

This colourful wall greeted us when we arrived at the entrance. What I did not expect after we passed this is an uphill climb for about 15 minutes or so. My friend did not tell me what to expect and I thought this hike on the tarmac and cemented road is an easy walk. Well, to her is easy peasy because she is a pro hiker who joins marathons and ultra-trail marathons.

Going up, up and up. I was hoping that this ascending path would end after passing the corner but it did not! I was literally gasping for air here.

Alas, after 45 minutes or so of climbing, we reached the peak of Bukit Dinding which is a telecommunication tower

This climbing trail has a length of about 4.7km and an elevation of 246m.  After snapping a few photos, we went down. Elaine took me the other hiking trail that she goes to. I wasn’t wearing a suitable pair of hiking shoes and it was rather slippery the forest trail. I fell down while making my way down some rocks so we decided to turn back out.

We also saw a wide forest trail for bikers and for safety reasons, hikers are not allowed to go into that trail as the bikers may be careening down and cannot avoid the hikers

I was pleasantly surprised to see that we almost did 10k steps that morning.

  Saw this beautiful tall tree while coming down.

After we were done, Elaine brought me to a coffeeshop for some coffee and breakfast. Overall it was an enjoyable hike and we got to catch up on our chat. I hope to follow Elaine to explore the forest trail at Bukit Dinding or Bukit Pau nearby.

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Branded Clothes Shopping For Less Again

A little update about my shopping from the stall in my neighbourhood where I could get branded clothes for less.  This is actually a back-dated post as I have bought these items last year. Some of the gems that I managed to get hold of are as follows:-

A black and white long sleeve cotton top

Yes, they have COS too! I was elated to find one in my size. They only have one piece and I am so glad that I could fit. As you can see, the label is cut because it is not from the original COS store but is actually stock overrun item or a sample.

This is the exact same one selling on their website now.

I also bought a multi-coloured stripe top for missy from COS but I didn’t take any photo.  I found a similar one online.

Then I couldn’t resist another red and pink striped long sleeved top for missy. It is from her favourite brand – Monki. When she saw it, she was happy because she found the same at Monki but it cost like 7 times more than what I paid.

The label is cut too.

Found it on Zalora too.

Just love all these good buys. Retail therapy is the best therapy!

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Shapewear Dress Tips: From Office to Party 

Shapewear dresses have increased in popularity and as a result, many women have been looking for them to be used on a daily basis with their services, as well as for parties looking for something more sophisticated. 

Therefore, figuring out how to choose the perfect shapewear dress for each situation can be a very difficult path, but we will help you at this point. 

How to choose the best shapewear dress for the job? 

Choosing the best shapewear dress for work requires consideration of several factors, such as comfort, style and work environment. As the first point we have to determine the level of control you need based on your body type and your personal comfort. Some shapewear dresses offer light control to smooth problem areas, while others provide firm control for more intense body shaping and sculpting. Choose the level of control that best suits your needs and preferences. 

Additionally, you need to be aware that the dresses are breathable. To do this, opt for dress with built in shapewear made from breathable and comfortable fabrics, such as nylon, spandex or elastane. These materials will help keep you cool and comfortable during work hours. 

Also check that the shapewear dress has flat seams to avoid visible marks under your work clothes. Flat seams also provide greater comfort, reducing skin irritation. Another pro is choosing a shapewear dress with a versatile style that can be worn with a variety of work outfits. Opt for designs that have discreet necklines, adjustable straps and appropriate lengths to suit your professional environment. This will help you a lot in the service. 

And also for use at work, it is recommended to choose a shapewear dress in a neutral color, such as black, nude or white. Neutral colors are more understated and can easily be paired with your existing work outfits. 

How to choose shapewear dress for parties? 

Choosing shapewear dresses for parties is a great way to ensure you feel confident and comfortable in your festive attire. In addition to the aforementioned levels of control that for festive events, you may want to opt for shapewear dresses with a firmer level of control to obtain a more sculpted and defined silhouette, you also have to think about the fabrics. 

Therefore, look for shapewear dresses made from luxurious and glamorous fabrics, such as lace, satin or silk. These materials not only provide a luxurious feel but also add a touch of elegance to your party look. For an even more convincing result, choose a shapewear dress with elegant details and necklines that complete your style at the party. 

You also need to choose a shapewear dress in the color that best matches your taste and that also shows what you want to convey to the party, as it is with this that you will show your style and also how you want to look to people. Here you have to see if you want to wear a more midi dress or if you are going to wear the shapewear maxi dress that is one of the main features for the festivities. 

Make sure the shapewear dress is the appropriate length for where you are going. And while it’s important to get a shapewear dress that offers control, it’s also essential to ensure you feel comfortable while dancing and having fun at the party. Choose a shapewear dress that is not too tight or restrictive and that allows freedom of movement. 

Why choose Popilush for these moments? 

With Popilush you can be sure that you won’t have any problems when going out to work or going to a party and all this due to its variety of shapewear dresses. 

In addition to this variety, you will find comfort in the materials that lace slip maxi dress and others are made of, as they define the body without the strongest compression, thus giving you freedom of movement throughout the day you are wearing them. 

Another favorable point are the more basic dresses that can match both your style and also with just a few accessories make a change of scenery, as long as it has some accessories it can be used for work, but with the right accessories you can wear the same for the party. 

So, take the opportunity to get to know this variety and build a closet for all your most special moments. 

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Welcoming The Year of The Dragon

A backdated post. This Chinese New Year celebration has been a memorable one for me and my family. On the eve of the new year, I was feeling a bit off. My body was tired and I thought it was because I have been cleaning the house and getting ready to welcome the new year.  Then I had very bad acid reflux and I couldn’t even eat the steamboat reunion dinner that night. The following day, hubs drove us back to Ipoh and in the car, I was starting to have a bit of a runny nose. I thought perhaps it was cold and I had the aircond facing me throughout the journey.

I still felt funny the whole day when we celebrated at my cousin’s house, followed by a dinner in a restaurant that night. I popped an antihistamine pill and went to bed. The next day, I felt a bit better but still with runny nose. I met up with my best friends who were back in Ipoh. I felt very tired as the day went by.

The next day, we headed home and I wore my mask in the car for the whole journey as I didn’t want to spread my runny nose to hubs and missy. My body still feel off but I didn’t do a test. The next morning I had to go to work and so I decided to do a test because my sister did a test the day before as she was also unwell and she tested positive for Covid.

Alas, I am not a Covid-virgin (a term coined by my friends) anymore. Since the pandemic, hubs and I have never gotten Covid. Last Chinese New Year, I was sick on Day 15 and I tested myself but was negative. However, I lost my sense of taste and smell for a week. Not sure if the test kit was not accurate or I had gotten another kind of illness.

So I quickly went to the pharmacy to stock up on test kits, cough meds, cold/flu meds, lozenges and Tiger milk mushrooms. Luckily my symptoms were mild. I only had runny nose. I recovered in 3 days after I tested positive. Actually I quite enjoyed myself when I quarantined as I just laid in bed and relaxed with no one disturbing me.

Just when I recovered, my hubs also tested positive. My mother and my other sister also tested positive as we have been together in Ipoh and staying in the same house. I am not sure if I was the superspreader or my other sister who probably got it from her husband, who also tested positive 2 days before Chinese New Year but he quarantined himself.

Luckily missy, my dad, my friends and other relatives were spared. So this Chinese New Year celebration was indeed a memorable one for all of us.

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