Colourful Disposable Face Masks That Are Manufactured In Malaysia

I just found out that there are some locally produced face masks in the market and decided to check them out.  This company is called Simply K and their disposable face masks are available for sale on Shopee.

I like the colourful range of face masks that they are selling and I bought a box of purple face masks.   Although I still have a few boxes of masks at home, I still ordered this because I want something to brighten up my day.

Simply K has a range of head loop and ear loop masks for adults and children.  Tie-on masks are also available.  They are a fabric material supplier and in order to contribute to the fight against the epidemic situation, Simply K has decided to produce quality face masks and gloves at affordable prices.   You can read more about Simply K here.

I placed the order on Wednesday and I received my masks today.

My first purple face masks.

If you are interested in ordering some colorful face masks, head over to Shopee and search for Simply K face masks.  You will find many sellers offering them.  Search for one that offers the best price.

*Sometimes all we need is a splash of colours*

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Fashionable Tops That Will Look Excellent With Jeans

Most of us have been wearing the standard leggings, pajamas and sweatpants for the past few months.  It would be good to take a break from loungewear and pay some attention to your closet by pulling out the closet staple – denim.

If minimalist is the name of your fashion game, then you are probably into outfit formulas that are simple yet still chic in nature. Very often such looks are comprised of jeans and some cute tops that are easy and always work. Where can we be without our trusty go-to basics? They are the cornerstone of our wardrobes and will always solve every fashion dilemma.  Although you may already have a few go-to fashion blouses or tops that you wear often, here are some styles that are more or less basic because they can be mixed and matched with a range of items including jeans.

The puff sleeve trend is here to stay for a while.  Bold, flirty and statement-making, this iconic ’80s trend is just about everywhere we look.  This slightly oversize, puffy sleeve blouse always look good in every situation and it is what you need to add to your cart.

A bow can instantly elevate the look of any clothing. Whether it is a top or evening gowns, there is just something about the bow, whether big or small that makes everything a little fancy.  This bow collar top is high up on the must-have tops with denim.

A classic white long-sleeved button-down shirt is a year-round staple and can be styled with everything from shorts to sweaters.  For cooler temperature, try layering this wardrobe staple over a black turtleneck and under an oversize blazer. Tuck it into a slim black denim for a chic look.

The above are the signature basics that you can pair with denim or anything else that you like.  Now that you are filled in, it is time to give your wardrobe a refresh.  You may also check out some dresses for sale while you are at it.

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The Hottest Wedding Dress Trend For 2021

In these current unprecedented times,  many brides are wondering whether or not to postpone their weddings or rather schedule a virtual wedding? Social distancing will remain the norm for a while but that does not mean that brides to be cannot plan for their wedding.

If you are planning to tie the knot in 2021, it is time to start shopping for your wedding dress.  Here is a peek at what is new in the wedding dresses ( fashion world to get some ideas and inspiration for your own look.

Ivory Long Sleeves Jewel Ruffles Flowers Bedaings Wedding dress

Ever since Kate Middleton wore a stunning long-sleeve wedding dress in 2011, sleeves have made a huge comeback in the bridal fashion world. and they show no sign of backing out.  If you are looking for something different, this beaded flower long sleeved wedding dress ( is the perfect detail to try.

Here is a two-in-one look – Jumpsuit with lace overskirt ( that is giving brides the option for multiple and unique looks.

Weddings have become more informal and the same goes for wedding dresses. Expect to see some simple and unembellished styles that will continue to trend for wedding dresses in 2021. Wedding dresses without elaborate beading, lace, or tulle like the above strapless A-line dress ( are ideal for the bride who loves modern, sophisticated and minimalist style. Details such as puff sleeves or side slits add sartorial flair to the dress without the fuss.

Square neckline, a hot trend of the ’90s is going to be everywhere in 2021.  It is a very flattering neckline for both large and small busts women.  It offers support or coverage when needed.  Square necklines are incredibly chic on gowns made from structured fabric like the above lace A-line dress (

Check out more trending wedding dresses from Babyonlinedress (

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Facebook Avatar Is So Much Fun

Not too long ago, September 15th to be exact, Facebook finally rolled out the Avatar app for its users in this part of the world.  I know that Facebook users in North America were already creating their avatars back in May 2020.   I was so happy to see it finally arriving at our shore.  

This was what I created :-

I think this is my style – red lipstick, black top and gold chunky necklace.  Wish there is another pair of pants that I can choose and also a different pair of shoes because these 2 are not what I would wear *chuckle*.

Then I decided to give my hair a makeover last Saturday and I remember that I have to change my Facebook Avatar too so here is my new look.  

This is almost 90% similar to how I look like.  My friends commented that I do look exactly like my avatar *chuckle*  It is just too much fun.  Have you tried out this app?

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Best Fall Fashion From

Sweater season is finally here.  While most people have been working from home and wearing pajamas and robes, fall may be what everyone needs to switch things up a little.   What is fall fashion without sweaters eh?  The crisp autumn days are best for snuggling in cozy sweaters whether you are on zoom meetings or just lazing around the sofa while indulging in a Netflix marathon.

Want to know what is the fresh sweater styles that are trending now? Well scroll ahead and see the latest styles from wholesale clothing retailer –  that you are going to be wearing beyond this season.

Cable Knit Sweater

This sweet blue number has a classic cable knit motif and sleek buttons that will pair with multiple outfits.  You can pair it with a transitional summer dress to wide-legged denim pants.

Single-Breasted Solid Long Sleeve Cardigan

Crop Sweaters

Cropped sweaters are really big this season.  Try layering up a cropped cardigan over a tank-and-shorts set, or maybe sweatpants too.  They can be worn with virtually anything.

Knitted Pure Color Short Turtle Neck Sweater

Puffy Sleeve Sweater

Whether you have had enough of the oversized sleeve or not, do expect these statement sleeves to stick around for another season at the very least. Yes the puffy sleeve trend is not going anywhere soon.  If you love the drama that they add to even the simplest of outfits, check out this caramel puff sleeve sweater that is so on-trend.

Autumn Puff Sleeve Solid Skinny Pullover Simple

Oversized Sweater

Perhaps we are used to robe dressing but a longer cardigan that could double as a dress feels like a close second to the loungewear that all of us are loving of late. Choose a chunky knit like the one below to warm up when the chill sets in.  This sweater features a thick wool knit fabric with a soft hue and will keep you feeling cozy and looking chic

Casual Solid Color Cardigans For Women

This season welcomes a new lineup of sweater trends and there is plenty of new options to choose from. With one or two new sweaters to switch up your style, here are some outfit ideas that offers a unique look on ways to wear a sweater.

Easy Match Fashion Women Denim Jeans

Wear your sweater with this cuffed denim and sneakers

Ribbed Cropped White Tank Top

With a ribbed tank top while lounging at home

Pure Color Silk Midi A Line Skirt

Over a slip skirt with kitten heeled mules

Deep Blue Loose Wide-Legged Casual Denim Pants

Tucked into cropped wide-legged denim with slides

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The Best Therapy For Me

Besides surrounded by nature, the next thing that helps me cope with stress is shopping.  Nothing feels as good as retail therapy.  According to studies, shopping can help people live a healthier life as it reduces blood pressure.  Many people consider shopping to be the best remedy for mental stress relief.  Who doesn’t like shopping eh?

My mood becomes better after some shopping and with the current pandemic, I don’t go to the shopping malls anymore.  I hardly shop online too so just where do I have my retail therapy?  Well there is a stall at the market in my neighbourhood that sells stock overrun from factories in Bangladesh.  This stall owner brings in huge cartons of clothes from factories that produce clothing for brand names like H&M, Monki, Next, Zara, American Eagle and Mango.  These clothes are 100% original and brand new.

I have been buying clothes from this stall since last year.  Best of all, these clothes are so affordable.  I even became personal shoppers for my friends. Good deals must be shared right?  Check out what I have been buying for missy below.

High rise distressed denim from H&M (RM25)

H&M T-shirts for RM8 each

Corduroy skirt jumpsuit from American Eagle (RM28)

T-shirts from H&M, Cheap Monday and Zara (RM8) each

More T-shirts from Cotton On, Monki and Zara

T-shirts from Forever 21 and H&M

Another pair of denim (RM25)

The above are just some of the clothes that I bought for missy.  There are a lot more *chuckle*.  I cannot resist buying for her because they are so cheap. Missy has already told me to stop buying but I just can’t help it.  Usually I would buy without her knowing and after washing and ironing them, I would sneak into her room and put them in the closet.  Her school allows students to wear casual clothes every Tuesday and Thursday so when  she opens her closet  to pick out an outfit, she will see the new clothes. Once in a while she will ask me if this jeans or tee is new and why she hasn’t seen it before *chuckle*  Sometimes I would tell her that I have bought them a while back but she wasn’t aware.  A little white lie is ok sometimes.

The clothes are really irresistible and I would buy for my sister, my friends and their kids and of course for myself.  Next I will take photos of the sweaters and hoodies which I bought.  These hoodies were selling at RM80 / RM100 at H&M but I only paid RM28 for them. What a steal!  Where can you find quality and branded clothes at such affordable prices?

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Must Buy Halloween Jewelry To Treat Yourself

The spooky time of the year is almost here. Halloween is one the favorite times of the year.  From a huge amount of candy and treats to a wide range of costume available, the holiday is a fun time to dress up, and have fun!  Are you looking to add some blings to your costume this festive season?  Not a costume fan but are you looking for an accessory to wear to a social Halloween event, or something to add a touch of Halloween to your usual repertoire?

Well you have come to the right place.  Gnoce has a wide range of fun Halloween jewelry collection that you won’t be able to resist. From vampire to scary clown, these charms are a must! Tap in to that creepy Halloween vibe with a steampunk skull charm or evil bat charm and level up your costume with a bracelet to match your outfit. You can start your own Halloween charm bracelet with these scary and spooky charms. Scroll ahead to see what’s hot now.  

The Halloween is incomplete without the terrifying jack o’ lanterns. Adorn the charm bracelets with pumpkin charm and liven up the fantastic costume.  It is the perfect accent for a holiday themed bracelet that is cute and fun. 


If you are looking for something that is not as feminine as some jewelry, this Rosie the Riveter Skull Charm is for you.  Skulls are all a part of this fun theme that everyone loves. This piece of Halloween charm is great to toughen up your aesthetic.  Add some spooky fun charms to your bracelet and celebrate in style. 

Witches and clowns  are commonly associated with Halloween.  That  might be why they are seen as so spooky.   If you are looking for a way to accessorize your vampire or witch costume, adding this sterling silver charm jewelry might be an option. 

There is definitely no tricks here! Gnoce’s Halloween edition of charm jewelries is all about treating yourself (pun intended). It has never been easier to find jewelry so cute it is spooky. Whether you want to show a little spooky spirit this festive season or add the perfect finishing touches to your Halloween disguise, Gnoce has got what you need. 

Time to showcase your spooky side with these Halloween inspired charms.  Happy Halloween!

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Where To Buy Tactical Clothing Online

Very often when people hear the words tactical gear, they instantly picture army clothing.  This is normal because tactical gear often refers to weapons, tools and clothing used in the military or armed forces.  In recent years, tactical gear has become very popular with regular people, especially hunters or gaming enthusiasts.

Besides looking good, tactical clothing has many other benefits. Different people wear tactical gear to serve different functions. For example, police do not need extra pockets on their clothing to keep food or water reserves while a hunter would not need a bulletproof vest.

The demand for these clothes with functionality seems to be growing, thanks to celebrities and influencers who dress up in military-inspired outfits.  This is one of the reasons why many people invest in tactical clothing. Do you know that some of the biggest trends in streetwear fashion are tactical wear?  If you are in the market this type of apparel, then you must visit Wayrates, a leading online retailer that specializing in a range of high-quality tactical wear.  Scroll ahead to see some of the top-selling tactical gear.

Multi-pocket Tactical pants are similar to the classic cargo pants with some modifications like concealed pockets or hidden compartments.  These pants are lightweight and made from fast-drying material.  To go along with the cozy aesthetic that has been trending this year, tactical pants have been gaining traction

The utility vest is another military-inspired piece that has been significantly popular this season.  It can be worn atop long-sleeved T-shirts and hoodies.  Utility vest is one of the strongest trends this season.

Combat boots or tactical boots are a staple for the crisp weather.  The tactical boot has the power to make any outfit look put together and they are just plain cool like the mens tactical boots above.   This type of boots has more grip when tackling tricky terrain. They are a must-have for every guy’s shoe closet because they create easy looks and are perfect for switching up outfits.  Tactical boots are very versatile and can be paired with a smart suit for office or casual relax every day look.

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How To Make Your Own Steamboat At Home With Hai Di Lao Soup Base

My family loves steamboat and we usually have this like twice a month.  Sometimes I would make the steamboat soup by boiling pork bones.  That makes the soup very sweet and tasty.  Recently I have been buying the Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Seasoning from the morning market near my area to make the soup base.

Recommended by the seller to try this Shrimp Soup Hot Pot Seasoning.  It has a sourish flavour which is very appetizing.

Just boil a pot of water and add in the Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Seasoning once the water is boiled.  For our steamboat ingredients, we have cabbage, meat balls, tofu, enoki, beancurd, sausages and meat slices.  It is best to have during the rainy nights.

The Hai Di Lao Soup Base comes in many flavors such as spicy, clear broth, mushroom, tomatoes and many more.  Give it a try if you like steamboat because it is so convenient to cook.

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Where To Buy Modest Bridesmaid Dresses

Once you have picked a wedding dress for your big day, the next important thing to do is to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your best friends.  If you are planning to have an intimate and traditional wedding ceremony in a church venue, very often there are dress rules to follow.  As such, your bridal party may be more comfortable with wearing modest bridesmaid dresses ( as they walk down the aisle.

Here are some tips on what to look for when shopping for modest bridesmaid dresses:-

Dresses with sleeves

Choosing a long-sleeved gown is the best bet.  If the venue is less conservative, your maids can layer on a wrap over their spaghetti strap dresses.

Higher necklines

High neckline dresses are preferred.  Choose jewel or bateau neckline dress.

Longer and fuller skirts

Modest bridesmaid dresses should at least cover the knee.  Some places require a long full gown so be sure to check with the venue. A-line dresses are just perfect and they are universally flattering.

It is just as easy to create a gorgeous look with a conservative or church-ready bridesmaid dress when you shop at  (, a leading online retailer that specializes in a range of beautiful wedding dresses,  bridesmaid dresses, special occasion dresses, prom dresses and more.   Choosing the perfect modest bridesmaid dresses is one way to make sure maids of honor look and feel beautiful.  Check out some of the beautiful range from Babyonlinewholesale.

A-Line Chiffon Square Short Sleeves Bridesmaid Dress with Ruffle

This chiffon A-line dress (  is elegant and very feminine.

This A-line half sleeve lace applique dress ( features an elegant illusion boatneck that offers modest coverage.

Chiffon Satin A-Line V-Neck short-sleeves Long Bridesmaid Dress

This modest A-line dress ( features a lovely flutter sleeve, a cinched waistline and a long floor-length chiffon skirt.

You will find a  modest dress style for every body shape and dress taste at Babynlinewholesale because happy bridesmaids mean a happy bride.

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