A Little Update

Wow, I cannot believe it that I have no updated my blog for almost a month. Life has been busy and hectic for me. We decided to paint the exterior of our house a few weeks before The Chinese New Year. Who would have thought that there are so many things to do and clean up. It was tiring to clean up every day after the workers have left for the day.

On top of that, there were lots of cleaning to be done around the house to welcome the new year. I usually wash all the windows, fans, mop the floors, wash the toilets, scrub the kitchen and wipe the walls like one week before the new year. I did not realize that I was stressed out with all these and I started to experience headaches. After enduring the headache for 24 hours, I checked my blood pressure and was shocked that it was 170/90. I have never had high blood pressure before.  I quickly went to see the doctor the following day and he started me on medication immediately to bring the pressure down.

The doctor told me that lack of sleep which I was experiencing 2 weeks prior to this episode can also elevate the blood pressure. He then also prescribed me with a relaxant (Alpraline) for 3 nights so that I can sleep well. I had a good sleep after taking it.

Luckily my blood pressure is normal now with the medication. I have to learn how to take things easy and not so stressed up anymore. Age is catching up.

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The Naughty One Strikes Again

No price for guessing who right? One evening when we came back from dinner, I saw my little air plant lying on the floor, with the stone pot turned upside down somewhere at a corner. Alas, I knew right away that Sheldon has climbed onto the table and took down this air plant of mine.

This little plant actually was part of a bigger round air plant the size of a small cantaloupe melon. It was hanging together with my Spanish moss but one day, it fell. I didn’t realize it until I went outside to the porch and saw Sheldon lying down while nibbling at a ‘ball’. To my horror, I saw my air plant broken into many pieces and ‘dismantled’ by Sheldon.

It tried to salvage what’s left and put the air plants separately in different pots. I put a few on the table and more on top of my shoe cabinet. Sheldon has actually climbed onto the table and took down the air plants twice. I have given him some warning but it did not work. He is just hell-bent on destroying my precious plant. He is always up to mischief whenever we are asleep at night or when we are out. I really don’t know when he will grow out of this phase!

Him looking innocently.

My baby with some broken pieces.

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Keto Cookies For Chinese New Year

I celebrated my birthday last week and I am so blessed to receive keto foodstuff from my  sisters and my friends. My friends gave me a bagful of keto goodies like low carb bread, keto teriyaki sauce, keto Hainanese chicken sauce, sugar-free peanut butter, protein brownie bar and 2 packets of konjac noodles.

I also received a set of Keto Swiss Roles from Ketocake.my.  They are super delicious!

I also received some keto cookies from my friend, Annie. The 2 tubs of cookies are from Marguerite Homemade Bakery.

Yummy keto cookies from my sisters. They are from Phoebe’s Bakery

My friend Elaine always bake peanut cookies during Chinese New Year and this year, she made these special keto peanut cookies for me that consist of peanuts, psyllium husk and stevia. They are super delicious.

With so many tubs of keto cookies, I can eat them slowly until Chinese New Year!

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The Plants That I Love

I have always wanted a lot of plants on my porch. One of my dreams is to have a porch like this.

Nice? The hanging plants create a wall garden. It gives me a cozy feeling and I love looking at all the leafy greens. Alas, I know I cannot have all these potted plants because my crazy husky, Sheldon. He would dig every plant out just like what he did last time.  I have blogged about it here and here.

I can only put the potted plants outside of the house and also hang them up. I have several Spanish moss and plan to buy more so that I can have my own vertical garden. They are fairly easy to take and just need to keep them moist and away from direct sunlight.

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Birthday Gift Ideas For A Christian Friend

Birthday season happens all year round. It is a lot of fun to celebrate friends and family at different times throughout the year. Having said that, finding a great birthday present can sometimes be a little daunting. It can be hard to find out what to get your best friend or co-worker because you don’t always know what they have or don’t have.

If you have a birthday coming up and are looking for some Christian birthday gifts that are unique, well look no further than GuidingCross. This online retail store has a wide array of faith-based products that include Christian tee shirts, bags, hoodies, jewelry and many more to share the Christian faith. Whatever her preference are, you are sure to find a gift on this list that she will love and help her grow or promote her faith.

Scroll ahead to discover some amazing Christian gifts for Women from GuidingCross.com.

Water Tumbler

This beautiful water tumbler holds 20 oz of your favorite beverage and is the perfect accompaniment to your time with God every morning or evening. It is a beautiful way to keep you hydrated. Featuring a double heat insulating layer, it is vacuum sealed and has copper coated insulation for superior insulation properties to keep the temperature of the drinks maintained.

Personalized I Will Not Fear Tumbler


This lovely Faith & Heart Necklace is perfect for the person who wants to have greater faith in God. It is a beautiful reminder to have faith and believe. This pendant necklace comes in silver and gold.

Faith Christian Necklace

Christian T-Shirts

Christian T-shirts are a popular gift. This comfortable “With God, All Things Are Possible” T-shirt is a wonderful way to display faith in a stylish way. The front of the shirt features an image of a big flower in between the word “God”.

Christian Hoodie

When choosing a gift for a person who embraces her faith, it is important to consider something that is both meaningful and thoughtful. A Christian hoodie is a unique and meaningful way to demonstrate your love and support for her spiritual journey. This hoodie has the words “Sisters In Christ For Life” and is available from size S to 5XL.

Christian Totes

Christian tote bags are make meaningful gifts for Christian friends and family members. They allow them to carry their faith wherever they go with the “All My Hope Is In Jesus” Tote Bag. Whether for the beach or the farmer’s market, this tote bag will keep all the essentials together while reminding her of the immense power of faith. These stylish Christian tote bags are perfect for carrying books, clothes or any other essentials as they are quite roomy.

Here is another Christian tote bag that boasts a powerful message and is designed to inspire and motivate. Whether for church, school, reusable market bag or a shoulder bag for daily use, these premium cotton Christian bags are the perfect way to show off the strong faith and spread positivity.

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Oversized Shirts For Women You Need To Take A Look

Oversized t-shirts are a fashion statement that have been gaining a lot of attention recently. These oversized tops for women are made from loose-fit material that drapes across the body in a casual and relaxed way. They can also be worn for any occasion, depending on how you style them.

Why are oversized T-shirts big in fashion? It is a style that first gained popularity in the 80s and it is still trending today. We could never been happier because it is not every day that a fashion trend looks good and feels good to wear.

An oversized shirt is extremely versatile and looks great with almost everything, whether it is a pair of denim and sneakers or with a maxi skirt and heels. Although they are usually associated with a more casual vibe, they are now being worn as a form of fashion statement. Oversized t-shirts can also be a great way to express yourself and show off your unique style. Thanks to their relaxed fit and effortless look, these tops are one of the trendiest pieces in 2024.

Whether you are looking for fun graphic tees or oversized shirt womens, they are the perfect combination  of comfort and style. Learning how to style the oversized t-shirts will add versatility to your wardrobe. Knowing how to wear this simple and comfortable staple is key to your fashion success. One of the easiest clothing to dress up or down for every season, this wardrobe essential has endless styling possibilities.

Pair the oversized tees with denim for effortless casual days. You can elevate your look with leather pants or silk slip skirts and a pair of strappy heels for more formal affairs. These oversized shirts are great with cycling shorts and trainers too. For a smart look, style it with a blazer. It is best to keep the blazer true to size to avoid overwhelming your frame. A blazer with an oversized tee will make even the baggiest t-shirts feel smarter.

Where To Buy Oversized T-Shirts

Below are the different types of oversized T-shirts that you can find from Boldoversize, an online retail store with a huge range of chic oversized T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts.

Basic Oversized T-Shirt

This is a simple and straightforward oversized t-shirt. Made from soft, comfortable materials, it is versatile and can be paired with various bottoms.  It is available from size XL to 5XL.

 Graphic Oversized T-Shirt

These t-shirts showcase bold and eye-catching and fun graphics, designs, or slogans printed on the front or back. Graphic oversized t-shirts are an ideal way to show your personal interests, support a cause, or make a fashion statement.

Vintage Oversized T-Shirt

Vintage-style oversized t-shirts usually have distresses details or retro-inspired graphics. These tees evoke a sense of nostalgia and are sought-after by those who appreciate vintage aesthetics.

Oversized Sweatshirts

If oversized tees are not your cup of tee or you would like to add some choices to your wardrobe, then perhaps you want to check out some oversized sweatshirts for women. These baggy tops are being worn on the street, at the office and even on the red carpet by your favorite celebrities. Thanks to its comfortable and relaxed fit, oversized sweatshirts are quickly becoming a staple in every closet.

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Abang Adik Movie

Last Sunday, missy and I went to GSC Mid Valley to catch the Malaysian/Taiwanese Movie – Abang Adik.  I have read rave reviews about this tear-jerker and when I asked missy if she would like to watch it with me, she said ok as long as there are subtitles. The movie is predominantly delivered in Mandarin with a bit of Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia throughout.

The words ‘Abang Adik’ directly translates to ‘elder brother younger sibling’ and it means ‘brothers’ in Bahasa Malaysia. This movie is a Malaysian-Taiwanese collaboration that is making waves across the globe. Directed by first-time Malaysian director Lay Jin Ong, this movie has been nominated in 7 categories at the 60th Golden Horse Awards in Taipei. The Best Leading Actor award was secured by Taiwanese actor, Wu Kang Ren who played the role of Abang. He delivered a powerful performance as the deaf and mute older brother while Malaysian, Jack Tan is Adi, the younger brother.

Abang Adik is set in present day Malaysia, and filmed in one of Kuala Lumpur’s most notorious districts – the back alleys of Pudu. From the start, one can see the love and bond that these 2 brother have for each other. To earn a living, Abang does menial jobs at the morning market, while Adi turns to petty crimes. Despite their differences and shared struggles, the pair are very close but their bond was tested by a tragedy.

Abang Adik (2023) - IMDb

What I enjoy about this movie is the auditorial senses that were featured in the movie like the busy traffic in the city and the sound of the Azan prayer that reverberated during important parts of the film.

I sobbed like mad during the last few scenes and before I know it, the lights came on and it was the end. Ashley was taken aback when she saw me sobbing away as I have not cried this much in a while. That’s how touching this movie is.

Wu Kang Ren’s performance as a man with speech and hearing disabilities is simply  remarkable and impactful! As for Tan who is a newcomer, he successfully portrays a sibling trapped by circumstances. Other casts are a transgender (Ms. Money) played by Tan Kim Wang, social worker Jia En played by Serene Lim and April Chan as the Myanmar girl who is Abang’s love interest, played important roles in the movie. I am so, so proud of our Malaysian actors.

Serene Lim, Tan Kim Wang, and April Chan: pivotal supporting roles that enriched 'Abang Adik'. IMAGE: abangadikthemovie

This movie touches on many issues that are relevant in our society like economic inequality. Abang Adik is an important film that all Malaysians must watch so that they can see for themselves, to know, and feel and empathize with the less fortunate.

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Valentine’s Day Gift For Teachers

When it comes to showing the people in your life how much you care, every holiday is a good opportunity and that includes Valentine’s Day too. So once you have written down and checked off that shopping list of Valentine’s Day for her and for him, make sure you pick up something for the teacher in your life too.

If you need some ideas, scroll ahead for some of the best teacher Valentine gifts that are practical and thoughtful. In this list, there is something for every teacher, including cozy teacher shirt, useful bags, and more.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Teachers

You will find the best Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers below. No matter who you are shopping for, you will find something any teacher, coach, teaching assistant and principal will love. They do deserve it, because teaching is all about heart work. Let’s check them out.

Personalized Mug

This sweet wildflower mug can be used for hot or cold beverages. Featuring a specially design pattern against a white background, it comes in 11oz and 15oz size. It is a great gift to make the teacher happy.

Personalized Wildflowers Teacher Mup

Personalized Teacher Stamps

Help the teachers add a personal touch to their grading with this customized stamp. These are premium pre-inked teacher stamps that will give thousands of quality and crisp impressions. They are also refillable so it is a very good investment. You can choose different ink colors like black, purple, blue, yellow, orange, pink and green.

Personalized Cartoon Face Stamp Teacher Stamp

Valentine’s Day Teacher T-shirts

Cute Teacher Valentine Shirts make a great gift to celebrate the day of love. Also, probably the most important lesson a teacher will ever teach his or her students is the importance of practicing kindness and compassion. This special “Be Kind” red t-shirt is a good reminder.

An Apple Teacher Shirt

This cute and simple design featuring a red apple made of love is the perfect teacher Valentine’s Day tee. This tee is perfect to wear in January, February, or anytime during the year. We are sure that teachers are always looking for new teacher t-shirts to add to their collections and this one is a must have.

Teacher Notebook

Notebook is very handy for making notes and writing plans down. This has 112 sheets of paper so they will have enough room to make notes about timetable and future lesson plans. It has an eye-catching bold words “Teach Love and Inspire” so it will stand out from all the other papers on the desk.

Teach Love Inspire Teacher Notebook

Teacher Leather Bag

The teachers carry a lot of books, supplies and equipment to and from school. A simple gift like customized teacher bags will show the teacher that you care about them. They will definitely appreciate it.

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Stay On Trend With Y2K Baby Tees

In the fashion world, trending pieces often are a repeat of fashion from before. One of the them is the Y2K aesthetic like the baby tees that have been popular in the recent months. What exactly is a baby tee?

Well, baby tees are actually cropped T-shirts that are usually tight-fitting. These Y2k shirts feature shorter hemline and typically ends just above the waist. They were made popular by celebrities like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton back in the early aughts. Baby tees are worn with low-rise jeans and skirts that are slung on the hips. The baby tees often feature playful graphics and vibrant colors.

Today, these Y2K baby tees are still very basic and are part of the wardrobe foundations that work with many different clothing. It can be paired with denims, cargo pants or shorts.

Want to jump onto the ’00s fashion trend? Check out these trendy baby tees from Cherry Kitten, an online y2k shop that has a wide array of chic baby tees, accessories and more.

Cherry Bomb y2K Baby Tee

Taking inspiration from the past cherry-clad baby t-shirts, this Cherry bomb crop top is a new staple for your closet.  It is perfect for those who prefer a more low-key graphic, the plain-white tee features a punnet of juicy red cherries. It has a a midi-length, with a slim fit and regular sleeve drop.

Heart Balloon Chunky Shirt

The Heart t-shirts and cheeky slogan tees have made a comeback with the Y2K resurgence. This big heart balloon tee will show how big your heart is. Printed on 100% cotton fabric, it is available in white, black, oatmeal, grey, pink, purple and blue. Time to bring some romance on your next outing.

Certified Princess Lip Print Y2K Baby Tee

Can we get any more 2000s than this hot pink baby tee? This cutesy baby tee scores a 10/10 for millennial nostalgia and gets the thumbs up for adorability. The slightly cropped t-shirt features 4 girls with the word “Certified Princess”.  There’s no denying that wearing this graphic tee shows exactly who your tribe is and what your vibe is.

A Little Bit Dramatic Y2K Sweatshirt

You can also embrace the y2k aesthetic with y2k sweatshirts if you want something with a bit more coverage.  Has anyone told you that you are dramatic? Made from comfortable and durable fabric, this sweatshirt with bold wordings will help you to flaunt your “dramatic-ness” in the most stylish way.

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Slay Your Workout In The New Year With These Gym Clothing

After having spent the best part couple of weeks enjoying the holiday feasting, it is safe to say that for many, the fitness regime has faded. But as we all know, there is no better time than the new year to set some fitness goal and getting into shape. That being said, unless you are a seasoned gym-goer, plucking yourself up from the couch and drive to work your body out in a sweaty gym can feel like an uphill struggle. So what’s the best solution?

Investing in some stylish gym clothing can do a lot to keep you motivated to work out long after the New Year’s resolution hype dies down. Although buying new workout clothes may seem a little over the top or even vain, but do not underestimate the power of workout clothes. 

A new workout shirt that fits well can make you feel more confident and that is the key to stay motivated. Not only do you look good but you will also feel good, and this will in turn help to boost your confidence and overall mindset. The right clothing can make you feel more comfortable and allows you to move freely and perform exercises with ease.

Therefore, make sure you pick gym shirts women that not only promise to spruce up your sports wardrobe but also help you exercise to your best ability and at the same time, let you feel good about yourself. Below are the essentials we think every active woman should own.

Working On My Booty Scoop Bottom Tank 

What’s fun about wearing gym tanks is showing off your cute sports bra. If you have a few colorful and fun strappy designs, then this tank is the perfect one to do it in, thanks to the deep cut-ins from the side.

Working My Puff Into Tuff Tri Rocker Cotton Tank 

This tank is a great fit for most workouts and also daily wear. Its halter neck design offers a sleek and stylish look. The longer length is ideal for those who like a little bit more coverage.

Strong Girls Have More Fun Loose Fit Cotton Tank

This active tank is short but not crop and it stays in place thanks to the wide bottom. The loosely fitted design is comfortable for a run or workout at the gym.

Tie Dyed High Waist Black Fitness Leggings

This pair of sleek tie dye black leggings are made with mix material and will stretch and move with you during your workout. Available in sizes XS to L.

Muscle Mommy Vintage Gym Shirt 

Upgrade your gym routine and train in style with some gym shirts like this loose fit  piece. Made with 100% cotton, it is super soft and you will never want to take it off.

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