5 Top Favourite Malaysian Bloggers

Ok…so I have been tagged by the gorgeous mummy, Sasha and this is my first time πŸ™‚ Here we go, my 5 Top Favourite Malaysian Bloggers :-

Mika’s Mummy – She is a super-fantastic mummy and also happens to be my good friend. We don’t see each other often eventhough we are both staying in KL. By visiting her blog, I get to know more about her everyday life with her handsome son. Both of us are very stressed mummies so we can relate to each other.

Sasha – The one who tagged me πŸ˜€ I like to read her blog everyday because she is so funny and down to earth. I also like to read about little cutie Jayden’s development. This mummy has lots of energy too and she even blogs when she is unwell. Salute, Salute!

Mott’s Muttering – She is another funny lady with a wicked sense of humour. Never fail to tickle me. Also a very good cook, by the way.

Raising Belle – I just love reading about Belle. She is sooooooo cute. Her mummy is doing a good job on blogging about the little pumpkin πŸ˜€

The I’mPerfect Mom – She is a remarkable woman with 2 lovely daughters and a wonderful husband. I’ve been following her blog since her 2nd daughter was born premature. Her blog is very funny and heart-warming. Reading her posts brightens up my day.

Actually I have more than 5 favourite bloggers. I also love to read about Laundryamah (the ultimate shopping queen), Irfan (the cute little boy), Crumbs in Life (pretty missy Rachel), Raelynne (the baby who closes her eyes when taking photos), Little Fearles & Little Cruz (the boisterous twins) and Ashley Ann (the smart little toddler).

Besides parents’ blogs, my favourites are Patrick Teoh’s and Marina Mahathir’s blogs. Have to keep an update on what’s going on with our beloved country.

That’s about all folks. Do I want to tag the others? Well, maybe just one – Mika’s Mummy (if you are reading this, please do the tag, ok).

11 thoughts on “5 Top Favourite Malaysian Bloggers

  1. Hey chumsy’s mummy…i have more than 5 fav blogs so i dont do the tag can ah?? sorry la! But i like most is to read abt sophie n belle…i know not a m’sian one…but i just love their ever growing family. Salute the mum! cant wait to see Jude joining the lovely family soon.

    btw…love to read ur blog too but try updating on all abt ashley more often la! She’s so pretty n cute…her looks keep on changing hor? getting prettier…dont worry she’ll not be so tomboyish when she’s older. make it a habit to make her look pretty all the time. It works!

  2. mika’s mummy – ok la. you don’t have to do the tag πŸ˜€ oops, i left out sophie and belle’s blog. i love reading abt them too. such a wonderful family. Will try to update more abt ashley but you know la…she sticks to me like glue. I can only blog after she goes to bed around 11.30pm. Sometimes I also fell asleep with her.

    Mott – hahahah…no need to be shy shy leh. My sister also likes to read your blog πŸ˜‰

    Julian – yeah..Raelynne is so cute. She’s so young and yet she knows you have a camera and are going to take her photo.

  3. Sasha – i’m very “teng wah” eh? hahaha. actually I missed out some of my favourite blogs like Oscar’s mummy πŸ™

  4. hey so now i’m the shopping queen eh..hahahaha..since sales are not really on nowadays i will be quite slow in my shopping..kakakka…

  5. laundryamah – hahahha…i guess you have shopped enough to last until after CNY??

    sweetpea – opps!! sorry….i left you out too. see, i have to many favourite blogs to list down. sorry again ah…

  6. Thank goodness you didn’t tag me..I wouldn’t know whom to put down. I like all the blogs that I’ve link to. Thanks for liking Belle’s blog. πŸ˜€

  7. Wow thanks! It’s always nice and embarassing at the same time to know there ARE people who actually read my blog. Lucky I seldom put pics of myself πŸ˜€

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