He cannot stand it anymore…..

Yes, my hubby cannot stand it anymore. Ever since I started doing more paid posts, I have been hogging his laptop. He cannot play with his computer games or surf the net anymore. We have another pc but that it’s rather slow and it’s in the store room.

So, he went out and got me another laptop 😀 That was very nice of him..heheheheh. The laptop is a simple one, nothing fancy but just enough for me to surf and do my stuff 😀

That’s my soup dinner next to the laptop. Don’t have much time so I eat while I surf 😀 Hubby is now so glad to have his baby back. He is happy and I am happy too 😀

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13 Responses to He cannot stand it anymore…..

  1. Health Freak Mommy says:

    My goodness, your hubby is really very sweet. So supportive of your endeavours.
    What soup was that? You just have soup for dinner?

  2. Etcetera~Mommy says:

    Wah.. sounds like you’re badly infected with blogivitis wor.. 😛

  3. llceva@yahoo.com says:

    I’m planning to get another laptop too coz I have the same problem like u 😀

  4. HMom says:

    Your husband is really supportive!

  5. Nadia says:

    Oh my! Haha! But I understand what you mean. We have 2 laptops and 1 pc at home. 😉 But I haven’t been crazy doing the paid posts. I don’t know where you find the time and energy.. hehe! 🙂

  6. Mommy to Chumsy says:

    Health freak mommy – hehhe..he is supportive and i think it’s also an excuse for him to go shopping at the computer store. yeah..just have soup for dinner…am on a diet 😀

    etcetera-mommy – oh badly infected and no cure at the moment 😀

    eva – hahaha…better get one soon before your hubby goes crazy.

    rina – yes he is 😀

    nadia – i’m going bonkers soon trying to grab opps…i have a little time to spare cos I’m not working 😉

  7. laundryamah says:

    wah! so good ah??? i definitely cannot use hubby’s lap top cos belongs to company…but i have to buy mine MYSELF wor!!!

  8. IMMomsDaughter says:

    Wah! U r lucky he is so supportive. So, do PPP morelah..he’ll be more happy to see the amount in your paypal…heh heh

  9. khongfamily says:

    Wahh..not bad..you get a brand new laptop just like that!

  10. Sweetpea says:

    itu apa soup? 🙂

  11. Mommy to Chumsy says:

    laundryamah – nevermind lah…you can afford to buy one..hahahhaha

    immomsdaughter-hehehe…what’s in the paypal is MINE.

    Khongfamily-at least he is now no longer breathing down my neck 😀

    jazzmint – ok lah..now we don’t have to talk to each other…just send email 😀

    sweetpea – itu sup sayur lah 🙂

  12. Annie Q says:

    Wow..so envy lei. Ur hub is really sweet and supportive!

  13. mama bok says:

    Wow..! so very nice..! ehhh..! how much time do you spend on the puter anyways..? that he needs to get you another one..??

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