Strange things are happening

Yesterday afternoon, I saw some new opportunity at P**. I grabbed one and started to do my post. It took about 30 minutes and then I submitted it. Right after I clicked ‘Take the O**”, there is a red message on top saying that the O** has been taken up. What?????? How could that happened? I have reserved for it. Sigh….this is actually the 2nd time it has happened to me.

Later, I grabbed another o** and when I submitted it, the message came on and said I didn’t use the correct link, etc. I fixed it and did everything over and over again. Yet I wasn’t able to submit my post. It took me 30 minutes to do the post and another 40 minutes trying to submit. In the end, I gave up.

I spent 2 hours doing the above and in the end I couldn’t submit them šŸ™ Bummer!! I’ve given them a ticket and still waiting for them to look into it. Has any of you experienced this before?

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