Tag : I am infected with Blogivitis

This mommy really gave me a scare. She left a comment saying I have been infected with Blogivitis. LOL. I told her that this disease is making my eyes watery and my hands trembling. Here are 10 reasons why I am infected:-

1. I can’t wait to read about other mommies blogs….very ‘kaypoh’

2. At every opportunity, I will sit in front of my computer, even when I’m eating.

3. I dream about blogging every now and then.

4. I even dreamt of some bloggers and their children

5. I began to use a lot of my digital camera, taking photos of almost everything.

6. I kept hogging the computer that my hubby just bought me a computer 2 days ago so I would leave his alone šŸ˜€

7. I like to make new friends with fellow bloggers

8. I can’t stop myself from doing paid posts. Lately I have only 6 hours of sleep because of this and now I can’t really think straight šŸ˜‰

9. Whenever I talk to my hubby or my sisters, the topic of blogging will sure come up.

10. My home is in a mess because I don’t do housework anymore. I just blog whenever I can.

I hope I’m doing this tag correctly. It’s now 1am and I’m really sleepy šŸ˜€ Now, who do I want to pass this contagious disease to? Maybe only 3 mommies –

a) Scribbles for my angels

b) Princess Mom

c) Sweetpea

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5 Responses to Tag : I am infected with Blogivitis

  1. Mummy to QiQi says:

    this is a fun tag, isnt it?

  2. Health Freak Mommy says:

    Your hubs is sooooo sweet, even bought u a new pc so that u can leave his alone.
    Hahaha… i guess all blogging mommies are crazy over blogging & writing paid post till their household & kids are neglected.
    My hubs is complaining whenever he sees me so chee sin & absorbed in front of my pc.

  3. Zara's Mama says:

    No. 3 really shows you are very severely infected.

  4. Zara's Mama says:

    sorry sorry.. I mean no. 4

  5. mommy of 2 angels says:

    thanks for tagging

    i think i am really in trouble too!!

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