The Sale is ON!!!!!

Yipeee…..I just saw their ad in the newspaper the other day. They are having a SALE!!!! Who am I talking about? My all-time favourite store – ZARA. I hope they have discounts for their summer collection. I just love their shorts and capris. Yeah…I’m a capri person. I wear capris all the time. Luckily I don’t get many dinner invitations, otherwise I won’t know what to wear as my wardrobe only has jeans and capris ;D
Okie dokie….time for some retail therapy. I can’t wait to check them out this weekend ;D I wonder if this hot mama is just as excited as moi ? LOL.

7 thoughts on “The Sale is ON!!!!!

  1. your highness doesn’t like going to zara. each time i walked in with her, she screamed.

    however…. that can be resolved…

    pay me, i’ll babysit her as u do your retail theraphy at fav shop 😉 muahahhahahahahaha ! *evil laugh*

  2. You are ZARA lover too? Me too…previously. Now I’m a Gap lover but wait until I lose a bit of weight on the tummy first lah.

  3. I dont know about Zara but MNG is on sale. I just went to Mid Valley today. Didnt get anything anyway.

  4. jo – pay you??? 1 venti frap ok or not?

    mommy of 2 angels – me where got paycheck?? 😀

    nadia – oh never mind, another excuse to go again ;D

    khongfamily – previously? no longer a fan now? hehhe…wow..i love gap too but they are just so expensive over here 🙁

    laundryamah – ok thank you very much..remember to forward to me 😀

    health freak mummy – ahahahha…yeah i know MNG’s sale is on too 😉

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