More celebrity gossip.

I have been following the story of one of the Spice Girls, Melanie B, also known as the ‘Scary Spice’. She gave birth to a baby girl recently. There has been an ongoing saga on who the father of the baby is. Mel B has always been adamant that Eddie Murphy fathered her baby. However, the comedian actor has always been silent about this issue to the point of being in denial.
Well, Mel B can breathe a sigh of relief now. According to a source close to the star, Eddie Murphy has agreed to do a DNA test recently. Mel B has received the official test result and confirmed that Eddie Murphy is the father of her two-month old baby. She is of course over the moon. Despite the friction between her and Eddie Murphy, she is quite happy that this situation has been sorted out. I guess Eddie Murphy will have an extra mouth to feed now, not that he cannot afford it šŸ˜€
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