A Bagful Of Goodies

Christmas Day has come and gone in a flash but guess what?  I received a Christmas pressie today from Min Hui of Teik Senn (M) Sdn Bhd.  This company is a widely recognized distributor of food packaged products for hypermarkets, supermarkets and wholesaler. They represent local brands such as Woh Hup, Cocon and more.  They also represent foreign brands such as Captain Oats, Sunsweet, Reynolds, Tulips and more.  Thanks to this lovely mama who introduced Min Hui to me as she knows I give Ashley lots of Sunsweet Prunes and also Sunsweet Prune juice to ease her bowel movement.  Prunes are just bursting with goodness.  They are full of antioxidant and contain lots of fiber.  Not only are prunes healthy, they are very good for the waistline too. The soluble fiber in prunes give a fullness sensation after eating.  Therefore, prunes can help to prevent overeating.  Do you know that each prune only contains about 11 calories and they are fat free? Ok, enough about all these Prunes talk.  Here is a peek at what I received in the goodie bag today.

(from left to right) Dark blue Sunsweet Apron, Sunmaid Raisins, Sunsweet Prunes, a container, Sunmaid Raisins Mini-Snacks, Tulip Luncheon Meat & Diamond Zipper Storage bags.

Min Hui is so kind to also compile some nutritious recipes featuring Sunsweet, SunMaid & Tulip products.  I can’t wait to try the Pork Stew with Sunsweet Prunes 😀

Thanks again, Min Hui for the lovely gift.

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