Fan of Crabsticks

Eventhough I have bought some cookies for Chinese New Year, I have yet to eat them.  I got the usual Love Letters, Kuih Bahlu, Pineapple Tarts, Honeycombs and Walnut cookies.  However, I couldn’t resist when I saw the Fried Crabsticks.  I bought a tin and immediately opened it up and gobble gobble gobble. After 3 days, there is only a quarter left 🙁  I don’t think I will get another tin though.  Better control my diet as I know I will be eating a lot when I am back in Ipoh next week.  I hope I don’t need to take any weight loss pill after the Chinese New Year.

6 thoughts on “Fan of Crabsticks

  1. ya wor, this is something new to me too wor. Never see this before. Actually i have already finish one tin those “small spring roll with floss” and love letter with floss inside. Dim hou???? hahhahahahha

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