Charcoal Bread From Sbread

When I was at Mid Valley over the weekend, I couldn’t resist the charcoal bread from Sbread. Have you seen them before?  Weird and mouldy-looking eh?  I have read about them before in the newspaper.  Here is an excerpt of it from NST.

The edible charcoal is made from the Moso bamboo which is naturally black in colour. It’s first carbonised over high heat, then ground into powder before mixed into the bread dough with sunflower seeds. They claim it can prevent cancer. This isn’t a strange concept, having originated from Japan and now a popular health food in South Korea and Taiwan.

This edible charcoal powder, also known as The Amazing Black Diamond, has been used in soba noodles. It’s also used to purify water and to brush teeth with, as it is rich in natural minerals, lowers the body’s acidity levels, improves blood circulation and has cleansing properties.

Pretty interesting and since it’s healthy, I thought I would try some.  My hubs doesn’t want to eat black bread so I know I won’t be able to finish a whole loaf.  Therefore I got half a loaf which cost RM4.50 😉 

My half loaf of Charcoal Bread

Well, it tastes like a normal bread to me and definitely no charcoal taste at all 😀  Sbread has a variety of jams to go with their breads such as Vanilla Kaya, Chocolate and Special Chilli Paste & Shredded Floss.  However, I didn’t get any.  Instead I got myself a tub of Olive Gold spread.  Shireen blogged about this spread before and it looked healthy as well as delicious. So when I saw it one day at the supermarket, I decided to get a tub. 

It is a pretty good spread and goes well with the Charcoal Bread.  Oh, Ashley doesn’t want to eat the black bread though.  I think she finds it weird 😀

17 thoughts on “Charcoal Bread From Sbread

  1. eee… so weird la. but do they sell by pieces? hahaha… wanna try leh 🙂
    yes, i think they sell one piece with their signature jam. not cheap too but yummy 😉

  2. Wah! Charcoal bread, i would love to try, but where is this Sbread in mid valley?

    I read a lot about charcoal thing, on how good they are, that’s why you’re surprise to find out why got a bag of charcoal in my bedroom. 🙂 My mum even use it to purify water. She bought me a box, i have yet to use it.

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