Bagels again

Last week, I dropped by my favorite place again –Coffee ‘n’ Bagel Station at Plaza Damas.  Was craving for some bagels 😀  You know I’m crazy over them right?  Coffee ‘n’ Bagel Station had a promotion – Buy 5 Bagels Get 5 Free.  Heaven!!!  I shared them with my sister and we got 2 Pumpkin seeds, 2 Sunflower seeds, 2 Italian, 2 Poppy Seeds and 2 Sesame seeds.  My favorite are poppy seed bagels but got to be careful after eating them.  Have to make sure those darn poppy seeds are not stuck on your teeth…haahahahaha

I couldn’t finish all in one day so I put them in a bag and kept them in the freezer

My Sesame seed bagel for lunch.  Had one a day 😉

11 thoughts on “Bagels again

  1. errr… no high wen eating poppy? wahahhahaha… its ban in SG u know 🙂 no high from eating poppy seeds. only high from drinking coffee…hahhahhhaa

  2. For some reason or other I don’t go overboard for bagels here, but love donuts, plain ones, and with iced coffee, ha ha.
    You have fun and keep well, Lee.

    oooo..donuts are sinful…hahhaha

  3. I’m so ulu, I don’t not know this food at all…LOL…but sure it looks yummy and healthy from the ingredient, where got sell other than Plaza Damas?
    hahahha…not ulu lah. just haven’t tried before 🙂 Coffee Bean has some bagels too. Try it out one day….you may like it 😀

  4. aw..reminds me of the Ham and Cheese on Sesame Bagel i had at the London Airport!! yumsss….
    ham and cheese bagel? mmmmmm…..heaven!!!!

  5. I am salivating too. Wow, those bagels look really good and healthy too with all those seeds and nuts. BTW, would you know how many grams of Carbo per bagel? Errr, I still count the carbo before I eat anything, hehehe….

    actually i don’t know how many grams of carbo there are per bagel. Just that it is not too healthy to eat them often…they are still white bread eh?

  6. hey, i didnt go to Curve after picking up my car from the service centre. I drove straight to Damas and got my 10 bagels. However when I came home, it was already 8.30pm. So politely asked the maid to freeze them n hoping to eat it this Sat for breakfast, tea, lunch, etc.. ahahahhaha

    hahahhahaaha….looks like you are also crazy over bagels like me eh? enjoy your bagels 😀

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