Have you tried these?

They are Starbucks Breakfast Sandwiches and my favourite.  Hmm….come to think of it, all sandwiches are my favourite 😀  If ordered before 2pm, they cost rm3.20 each.  After that, they cost rm4.80 each I think.  Anyway, we were at Amcorp Mall yesterday and it was raining heavily so we couldn’t leave the mall.  While waiting for the rain to stop, we decided to pop into Starbucks for some coffee.  It was already 5.30pm and when we saw a few of these sandwiches on display, we couldn’t resist.   However, don’t let the photo fool you.  The original sandwiches are way smaller than those but still yummy.  Of course I ordered my usual Java chip frap to go with the sandwiches.  That was my dinner last night.  While enjoying the food and coffee, hubs and I browsed the magazines, some  brochures and read the newspaper which were available in Starbucks.  On the other hand, Ashley was singing loudly nonstop and luckily the other patrons did not mind.  The rain finally stopped one hour later and we quickly left.  That was how we spent our Sunday.

7 thoughts on “Have you tried these?

  1. which one did you try? I would love to try sausage omelette! 🙂 looks good! and a cup of Green Tea Frappe please….

    I’ve tried all 3 😀 I like the Minced chicken one the most as it’s a bit spicy 😀 never tried green tea frappe before. good or not?

  2. Wah…looks yummy indeed and quite cheap also – compared to McD and others…

    Will def try it one day! And Starbucks should pay you for advertising for them! 🙂

  3. Hi I have never stepped into a Starbucks, ha ha.
    When I noticed the prices for their designer coffee, more than a bottle of my favorite Maxwell House coffee, I rather make my own, ha ha.

    No, I’m no kedukut, but no way I spend $3 to $5 for a coffee.
    Don’t mind the odd $1.25 for coffee though….but haven’t gone into a coffee shop long time…ha ha. Lee.

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