If you love steamboat….

then you may want to give this place a try.  It is a coffeeshop called Sun Yin Loong located in Kota Damansara.  Does the name ‘Sun Yin Loong‘ sounds familiar to you?  Well if you are from Ipoh like me, then you’ll know that Sun Yin Loong is THE place to get the best white coffee in town (not all the other places that claim to be Ipoh white coffee).  Sun Yin Loong is The Pioneer and they are The Original Old Town White Coffee which has been around for half a decade.  The Sun Yin Loong in Kota Damansara is a branch from Ipoh.  During the day time, you can find many delicious hawker food.  At night, it is transformed into a Steamboat heaven.  For RM15.80, you can eat all you want.  Yes, it is a All-You-Can-Eat Steamboat Buffet 😉  We were there last week and boy, I tell ya, I ate so much that I could barely walk 😉  There are so many good varieties of food there.  You can find all kinds of fresh fishballs, meatballs, noodles, seafood such as crabs, prawns, cuttlefish, squid, fishes, mussels, clams and many more.  There is a choice of clear soup, herbal or tom yum.  We had clear soup and herbal soup that night.

A view of the coffeeshop. Check out the tagline –The Original Ipoh Old Town White Coffee

My plate of fishballs, meatballs, “chu kan yuen”, sausages, cuttlefish and more

I also got some green noodles for myself, yee mee for Ashley, button mushrooms, inoki mushrooms, beancurds and some seaweed.

My seafood galore

Here is something very unique….the different types of sauces you can help yourself to. Simply awesome or should I say – “syiokalingam” (sasha is going to laugh at this word).  The sauces go so well with the food.  My favourite is the chilli/garlic/ginger sauce (jar No. 4 from the left)  To die for!!!!! 

Ok, let me show you some of the food available at Sun Yin Loong :-

all kinds of balls and beancurds

Seafood section. My photography skill is really bad *sigh* I only captured the crabs when there are so many types of fishes, lala, shrimps, cuttlefish, squid and more.


Different types of noodles

Besides steamboat, you can also help yourself to some delicious fried meehoon, sweet and sour chicken and fried chicken. Oh, there are also all-you-can-eat ice-kacang and ice-cream 🙂

SYL Steamboat Price Board

Last but not least, how can I be at Sun Yin Loong and not order their ice white coffee?

If you are a steamboat lover, you really must check them out.  Remember if you would like to go there during the weekends, it is better to call to make reservation.  Here is the address :-

Sun Yin Loong
2A-1 & 2-1 (GF) Jalan PJU 5/7
PJU 5 Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya

Non – Halal

p/s:  If you don’t know how to get there, shoot me an email 😉

27 thoughts on “If you love steamboat….

  1. Eh! The name sounds familiar leh… issit the same coffee shop I posted which I sent you the map???

    I did not know they are into steamboat too! RM15.80 is cheap if it a buffet style… here at least RM17+.

    Too bad my family don’t like steamboat except me. 😛

    yes it’s the same one but yours is from ipoh. this is their branch in kl

  2. It’s too early but I am already drooling…lau hou sui. The noodles are unique and the chili – heaven. Makes me wanna grab the whole thing and run..muahahahha

  3. yummy! i love steamboat!! i always go with my friends at this steamboat buffet in sunway mentari. i wanna go check out this place that you recommend as well!! what type of soup they serve?? and can give me directions to go there?? do we have to go early to chop place?? *hehe*

    hey jasmine. yeah, you have to be there real early. they open at 6pm. weekdays are not so bad. they serve clear soup, herbal soup and tom yum. this eating area is near the new giant at kota damansara. to reach this place, go straight after ikano. you won’t be able to miss the rows of shophouses on yr right. there are many banks/restaurants/coffeeshops here.

  4. I cant recall when was the last time I had buffet steamboat … I think during my preggy days. Since then, hardly can sit down for a decent meal, let alone a buffet. My lil one turning 2, still cant sit still for 5 seconds!

  5. Ooohhhh….I saw this so many times considering I am living so near by but till last minute no mood for steamboat….now, you make me want to try all the sauces!hahahaha…

  6. *drooling* It is real cheap..steamboat is always with lots of those balls, very fast get full with it..I will ops for mee or seafood first if i’m there…those sauces really tempting too..

  7. hey, how come u always can find cheap things ah? so clever girl u r…IPOH here cheapest steamboat is 19.90 per pax.. somemore hv to reserve at times..

  8. I really salivate after reading this post! It has been a while since I had steamboat cos of the kids…takes too long and I like to slowly slurp all the MSG from the soups!

  9. Now around Kota Damansara got so many nice food to eat. Sometime we will go there for dinner also. 🙂

    There is one rest serve very very good penang food, name of the rest “the wok”, just behind “reborn” foot refloxology.

    Btw, where is this sun yin loong? Nearby where?? Starbucks? Same row as EON Bank?
    err…i think it’s same row as starbucks. directly opp Pak Li Kopitiam 🙂

  10. Aiyaa…always go there for dinner and drive past this shop, never really look into what they offer. But eating steamboat must have one big group then only nice mah…let me find kakis first…hahaha. I think we have to keep an eye on the kids more than the food if we go ourselves.

    ooo…then you must check this place out becos it’s cheap 🙂 yeah…eating steamboat must have one big group. better still if you have someone around who can help you to look after the kiddos. otherwise, cannot enjoy anything at all 😉

  11. Hey Barb, i’m so JEALOUS leh, it’s so cheap!! My family n i just had ala carte steamboat buffet @ Coca Steamboat – Ngee Ann City, we paid Sg$125 including Gst n Service charge. Sigh…so envy u all ..:-P

    Hey Lina, Coca is nice but expensive eh? So, drop by KL soon and try out some good food 😉

  12. Wow, RM15.80 for an all-you-cat-eat steamboat is dirt cheap and there is so much food too! This SYL steamboat is like the Talipon Steamboat at Old Klang Road right? It’s always crowded there.

    Similar to Talipon but a lot cleaner 😉

  13. Hi Barb,

    There is few steamboat restaurants in Sunway infront of Sunway Pyramid with this concept like buffet style…but I’ve forgot the name already which I went before one of the restaurant there…air-condition and roof top open air at 3rd floor…have varieties of food but the chilli like u go one lor…hey u know what Kota Damansara is place HEAVEN OF FOOD lar…heheheheh

  14. Yumzzzzz….. drooling looking at the chilli selection. To me, the chilli is a very important element of steamboat!

    So, is the white coffee as good as the Ipoh version?

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