Organic Animal Pasta

When I was at Marks and Spencer at The Gardens last month, I saw the Animal Pasta on sale at their food department.  I bought a packet for Ashley because I know she would love having animal-shaped food in her bowl.  I think it cost rm10 for the packet.  Not too bad eh? 🙂

I remember that Rachel mentioned about animal-shaped pasta and couldn’t find any in KL.  So when I saw this, I was pretty excited too.  I quickly email her when I came back to tell her she can now get animal-shaped pasta in KL for her cutie Philip.   Oh, the other day, I found out that Heinz has come out with a similar one for kids.  If you like, you can check them out at the supermarket.

The packet of pasta

Some of the animal shapes – duck, horse, goat, penguin

12 thoughts on “Organic Animal Pasta

  1. Hi Barbara, very nice of you to com by. Where are you? KL? London? As I read, ‘Marks and Spencer?
    The organic pasta looks good. I’m sure your daughter will love it.
    Hope your back is much better now…try not to carry any heavy stuff for awhile, or your daughter.

    Look forward to have you visit again, you keep a song in your heart and have a pleasant week. Best regards, Lee.

  2. Thanks for the info…
    Btw, Heinz ones are available at supermarkets like C4, Giant??

    err..not C4 or Giant. At Mercato (Plaza Damas). Perhaps Cold Storage or Village Grocer may have them

  3. I have bought 1 packet too…just tried it out last food will never taste good ler…anyhow I manage to finish all…I wonder wht is the reaction if 1 fine day I let Leon boy try it…muahahahah

  4. tried this before & i just bought another pack of bunny shapes recently!! not sure abt kids but i find the organic’s texture a bit weird….ueekkk !!!

  5. this is interesting, thanks for letting us know. I am tempted to get one too. btw, do they also sell alphabet pasta, been lookin’ around for it.

  6. for a cheaper alternative, try the Tesco ones sold under “Tesco Choice” brand. The animal shaped pasta even come in different “flavour” – spinach, ordinary wheat, sweet potato 🙂

    Ooo…i didn’t know that. Thanks. Will check it out 😀

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