Something crunchy …..

Anyone recognize what they are?  These sticks are hard, crunchy and made from flour and yeast.  I don’t really know what they are called though.  They look like dried bread sticks or cookies to me.  I used to eat them when I was a kid.  Just dunk them into coffee or milo and they will go soft immediately 🙂  Hubs got a big bag of them when we were in Ipoh last week.  We had dinner at the famous “Loh Wong” Bean Sprout Chicken place and right next to it is a shop that sells wholesale products such as snacks, cookies, instant coffee, nutmegs and more.  He was so excited to see all those food stuff in there and If I did not stop him, I think he would have stocked up a whole basket full of junk food.  Wonder how he’s going to finish the whole bag.

14 thoughts on “Something crunchy …..

  1. ooohhhh… roti kok! kekeke… use to makan tis when i was a kiddo, always when im with my grandma. have it with kopi O & celup2.. yum, yum. ah those were the days 🙂

  2. hmmm…now i feel like to have one and dip with coffee..
    Can get from KL ar?? Never see this “bread” before lei.
    hmm…haven’t seen this in kl before lah. Eh, you come over and I’ll give you some 😉

  3. Yeah….roti kok this is! My inlaws went to penang and got us some as well! I was like….what happened to tau sar peah? This one, use old break and bake it overtime in the oven also I can do lah!

    hahaha….but actually they taste quite nice esp with hot coffee or half boiled egg! And a good teether too! 🙂

    aaaahhh…i prefer the tau sar peah anytime. These ones have no taste unless you dip them in coffee

  4. EH! I just bought them! For JH’s teething craze. He loves it… esp the Pfffffbbbbtttt part.


    oh didn’t know you can get these in Down Under. Bet the ones for kiddos are the healthier type

  5. I love this with kopi-o. And by the way, do you know anyone who wants to disposs off their staircase safety gates (for kids)? I am looking for some 2nd hand ones cos my new house got plenty of stairs lor (up and down). Mind to pass the word around? Thanks.

    no problem..i’ll ask around 😀

  6. Wow…so many nice goodies to makan, no wonder u say got to seriously start dieting n stick to it lah …heheheheh 😛

  7. i think it is roti kok.. but roti kok is suppose to have bigger head smaller body.. hahahahhaha.. but very nice if dunked into coffee.. somehow, i dun take that anymore.. hmm.. i wonder why?

  8. Hi Babs, I think they go well with iced coffee, ha ha.
    I too love these, only the ones we get here bigger….
    Holy Smoke! I sure miss that ‘bean sprout chicken rice’ in Ipoh.
    Used to have that very often….when having lunch dates.
    Ipoh has real good food too, besides Penang.
    You stay easy and have fun, Lee.

  9. i would grab a bag as well! but then again, it is a little too hard to eat just it is. anyway, it wont stop me from buying it coz the looks are so tempting already *yummy*

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