what she likes

Baked beans with rice for lunch or dinner.  Ashley just loves this dish and can eat it everyday 🙂

I added an egg into the beans and some water too for extra sauce.  Every time after she had eaten them, she farts a lot.  When I mean a lot, it’s like non-stop for the whole day. Muahahahahahahahah.  I know  beans cause intestinal gas as they are high in fiber and some people experience more gas after ingesting beans than others.  It’s just too funny to see Ashley letting out gas loudly…..even when she’s sleeping 😀  (she’ll kill me when she reads this next time).

18 thoughts on “what she likes

  1. good morning Barb.. i m still in the hotel.. going back in 2 hours time.. i could not resist commenting cos this dish is also our family’s favourite dish..including me as well.. hehe.. simple and yet so nice to go with rice, hor?

  2. WAKAAKAKAKAKAKAAK… You mean, not all people fart after beans?

    Man..that means, I’m one of the “some people”… hehehehehehe….

    I lup baked beans alot too!

  3. Nice! I personally like it too but hor Barb, dont let Ashley eat too often though she loves it. It is still canned food after all, u know what i mean?

  4. hubs loves it. will scoops heaps at chap fan stalls and still request for it at home. luckily he does not fart it all out.. hahaha… am trying to get my girl to eat it since she’s a tomato sauce fan but somehow, she doesn’t like it. It’s a nutritous dish with plenty of fibers and protein

  5. I can sapu the large can at one go too. Sometimes I add in minced chicken/pork as well for the extra kick. So yes, I know allllllllll about the farting! hahahahha

  6. This baked bean dish also my boy’s top flavour…can whack big bowl of rice with it…simply yummy with minced meat and egg…fart is good what..nothing to shame about..hehe

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