What we did on Good Friday

It’s Good Friday today and Ashley’s school is closed.   Since my sister is not working, we decided to go Mid Valley in the morning 🙂  Ashley has runny nose when she woke up this morning and was not in a good mood at the mall 🙁  Didn’t even walk much and spent most of the time in the stroller. She only came down when we were in ToysRus and MPH.

While at the mall, I checked out Shojikiya to stock up on my miso paste.  When I cook my vegetable / fishball soup for dinner everyday, I use the miso paste as my soup base.  I was so glad to find the Soku Miso Wakame (12 packets) and Soku Miso Teish (8 packets) on sale.  I got both for only rm9.90.  Good deal eh?  I saw a recipe for Chawan Mushi while I was there and I think I will try to make some soon 🙂   Looks pretty easy.  Well, that’s all I got for myself today.  No clothes or shoes 😀  Happy Easter everyone!

10 thoughts on “What we did on Good Friday

  1. no wonder never see u online ler….I’m also sick…my nose was like waterfall..Justin also down with flu passed from me of course.Sigh….

  2. we also bought the chawan mushi sauce after we saw the leaflet. remember, not to put too much of the sauce as it is quite salty

    hey, thanks for the info 😀

  3. Is that a new Jap grocery store in Mid Valley? Never heard of it before. Wuah, you are really going healthy eh… eating veggie soup with miso paste everyday! Really salute you!

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