Tortoise-shaped Buns

Remember the tortoise buns which I bought during the Nine Emperor Gods Festival in Ipoh?  Here are how we normally eat them.


A pair of bright pink buns


Peel off the outer layer (skin)


dip them into whisked eggs and sugar & fry them like french toasts


The man has to eat them his favourite way – spread some Bovril on the bun….just like what he has been doing since he was a kid.

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20 Responses to Tortoise-shaped Buns

  1. familyfirst says:

    Wuuahh, a mix of tradition + contemporary recipe!

  2. Annie Q says:

    Oh..this pink tortoise got chinese word at the back one ar?

    So this is the “usual way” how you eat the “tortoise”? French toast? I saw it from claire blog, she did the same too. 🙂

    yes..but i don’t know what the words meant 😛 can also just steam the buns and eat with butter/jam. yes, yes, Claire did the same thing. We ipoh mali mah 😉

  3. Blur Mama says:

    french tortoise..:-D..remember once you blogged about how ur hubby ate the chee cheong fun with bovril (or was it marmmite?). i tried it once and it was delish!!!

    yes..french chic…heheehehe. oh..he only eats stuff with bovril. no marmite. wow, you tried it and you likey? i’ve never tried though i’ve been married to him for so many years. 😀

  4. My mum used to fry them ‘french-toast’ style too…

  5. ChloeMummy says:

    Sweet and savoury… really nice ar? One day i must try it too then.

  6. claire says:

    guess ipoh nang used to eat these “tortoises” this way.. french toast style.. but to sapu with bovril, is quite extraordinary.. 😛

    yes, it must be an ipoh thing..hahahahaahaha. sapu with bovril is the Hor family thing 😉

  7. Lina says:

    Chinese words :- ‘sung yi heng looong’ if i’m not wrong. I’ve never eaten this before 🙂

  8. Cynthia says:

    YES, this is the Ipoh thing I think! MY mum do it that way too, and now I do that too! and I get my aunt to make for me in a big batch, and store in the freezer!! yum yum!

  9. wenn says:

    i like to eat it with kaya..

  10. Merryn says:

    Oh that’s a first for me.. we normally just peel off the pink layer and sapu whatever is left of it. 😀

  11. mummy moon says:

    I never eat this bun before ! Can reserve one for me? I mean next yr! hehe

  12. mummy gwen says:

    Oh..that’s a very yummy way to eat the buns. My Hubby also loves Bovril..haha..he eats it with plain rice but not sapu the Bovril on the bun lah.

  13. jazzmint says:

    BOVRIL….my fav drink!!

  14. health freak says:

    Oh, that’s how we used to eat them too – french way! Yummy right? Another simple and tasty way is just simply steam the buns, then put butter on the hot steaming buns. The melting butter on the buns is just so, so nice… and fei sei lor, LOL!

  15. mnhl says:

    I never eat the ‘tortoise’ bun french style before. It is something new to me. Used to eat them steam and sapu with butter only. And that Borvil thing is also very new to me. Taste sweet + salty???

  16. Irene says:

    wah, i love french toast, celup roti inside the egg mix, then goreng… oh, my mom makes it for us to makan too 🙂

  17. Krystal says:

    I love the pink tortoise too but i’ve a bad habit – i like to eat with the skin. So unhygienic yah…:p

    huh? with the skin? too much colouring lah..hehehehehe

  18. I fried them in batter too…..nice!

  19. Oscar's Mommy says:

    hey bovril with bread is my fav too… but i cut down alot of they said alot of preservatives… isit true???

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