Can’t Leave Ipoh Without These

Each time when we make a trip back to Ipoh, I would stop by this place to buy some delicious cakes.  JJ Cakes is getting pretty famous now and the shop is usually packed with customers.   The delicious cakes and swiss rolls are homemade, low in sugar and contain no preservatives.  The cakes are very fresh, soft and fluffly.  JJ Cakes’ bestsellers are Fresh Durian, Coffee Walnut, Choc Hazelnut and Durian.  My tummy is growling as I type this post. Wish I can stuff myself silly with these cakes every day 🙂


JJ Cake Shop


I bought a durian and a chempedak roll. I always say that I want to try the other flavours but each time, I’ll end up with the same ones.   They also have mini cake rolls in a few flavours.  I got a box for Ashley and she loves the chocolate, coffee and vanilla, not the pandan ones though.  It has a pungent pandan smell.


This is the Chempedak roll.  Check out the generous amount of chempedak filling.  Yums!

Here is the address and contact number if you would like to get some of these delicious cakes when you are in Ipoh.

JJ Setia Enterprise
36, Jln Chung Thye Phin,
30250 Ipoh, Perak.

Tel:  05-2415796
Opens daily from 9am-9pm

Here are something that visitors should not leave Ipoh too.  Click here to find out.

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20 Responses to Can’t Leave Ipoh Without These

  1. lena says:

    I havent been to the new shop, do they now have much more variety? i think the best thing is they have differnt flavours in 1 pack. The 1st time i tried this was from ‘jane’..i think i want to drop by one of these days to chk..

    yeah the best is a few flavors in a pack like choc/coffee/strawberry/vanilla/green tea. do you like the taste? which ones did jane buy?

  2. Shirley Loo says: it nice? didn’t heard of these before..this is new to me! will definitely check out the durian if im there ;-P tks for sharing Barb

  3. Annie Q says:

    Heard so much about this JJ cake, i think a lot people are buying durian and cempedak roll? Hmmmm…both flavour i dare not to try, i think i will just go for coffee or green tea, are both taste good too?

  4. yvonne says:

    Wah!! I’m missing this swiss rolls already…. chocolate mints is very very nice!

  5. mnhl says:

    I’m drooling looking at these swiss rolls. My fav cakes….and never had such type with so many flavours.

    Would love the durian though.

  6. Hayley says:

    I love this swissrolls! Especially the yam and chocolate mint flavor!

  7. Mummy Gwen says:

    They should open one in KL..hehe. I saw the cempedak swiss roll and it makes me drool. 🙂

  8. Jacqueline says:

    oh gosh H, are these the ones u mentioned before? Aarrghhh… I need to get my hands on them!!

    yes these are the ones i told you earlier. must buy when you go back, ok?

  9. oh..havent tried these before but from your description of it – my tummy is also growling now!

  10. mummy moon says:

    Next round can you help me to buy some?? I dont have chance to go to Ipoh leh.
    My tummy is growling every time I see bloggers promoting this JJ cakes!!

    sure. will let you know when i go back 🙂

  11. Ann says:

    I LOVE these 2 flavours too. Want to try the Mint Chocolate the next time I am there. Don’t quite like the fruit ones coz of the jelly inside. 🙂

    What HCG shots? hahahaha….wish I could also stuff myself and then take those shots. hahahaha….

  12. sheohyan says:

    I remember you dropped me a comment on my JJ swissroll entry, recomended me to try Chempedak and Durian. Since then, I also only ordered these two types.Hehehe, you have successfully lured me on these two flavours.

  13. ipohgal says:

    Wow, these cakes makes my saliva drooling too! Must give them a try the next time I am back. My family is getting tired of the same old Sin Eng Heong kaya puff from Clare Street. I am sure they will love something new!

  14. anggie says:

    thanks for sharing this … 1st time i see got sweet roll with cempedak filing !!!

  15. Alice Law says:

    Everyone keeps blogging about this JJ Swiss-roll, I’m so tempted to give it a try now!^^

  16. MK mummy says:

    I tot JJ stands for Jaya Jusco.. aiyo, in Ipoh, I sure dnt have any chance to eat them…

  17. Health Freak says:

    I LOVE the cempedak ones. Hmmmm, maybe I shd ask my dad to get these for me since my parents will be here this weekend ;P Oooo, your mini project eh? Exciting :))

  18. lena says:

    they tasted not bad..jane bought 2 was chempedak, the other one cannot remember..

  19. myokee says:

    I must try when I go back. one flavour each day.

    you are reading my previous posts? guess you really miss ipoh huh?

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