Me and My Coffee

I love coffee and I must have a cup in the morning so that I can function *chuckle*.   I also have one in the afternoon and sometimes another one at night.  I used to be able to sleep even after having a cup of espresso at night.  However I noticed that coffee keeps me awake at night now. I never had this problem before and now I have to be careful when I drink coffee at night.  I would be tossing and turning in bed all night long.  Could it be age? Hormonal changes?  Do you have such problems?

2014-12-31 20.35.12 (1)

Almond salted caramel mille crepe and ice latte at my favourite cafe.


2 thoughts on “Me and My Coffee

  1. Barb, I love coffee as much as you do. But, I won’t take any after 4pm. I will stay awake too. I envy my hubby, he can take kopi-o just before he goes to bed.

  2. Happy New Year Barb! Oops, a bit late but at least it’s still Jan 😉

    I also need a cup of coffee to start my day. If not, the “engine” just won’t start. hehe. But I’ve never been able to drink coffee before bed time.

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