Celebrating Dad’s Birthday

It was my dad’s birthday last week and my family celebrated it by having a dinner at Noble Mansion in Jaya 33.   Dad is 73 years old but of course he looks younger than his age as he loves to dye his hair black *chuckle*

It was my first time at this restaurant.  Food was ok, nothing outstanding.  The best dish was the braised noodle.


We had the four season tray which has 4 different food, Peking duck, Portugal suckling pig, scallop with truffles, braised noodles and stir-fried asparagus with mushrooms.


My sister ordered a durian birthday cake for my dad from Eastin Hotel.  Then I did a funny sign to put on the cake since we are only getting 2 candles for this cake.  Everyone had a good laugh.

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