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Hello there! Notice anything different to my little blog? Yes it has gone through a facelift ūüôā ¬†Nice? ¬†I have been wanting to change the theme of my blog for a while but I dare not make any changes myself because I do not have the expertise to do so. ¬†One fine day, the awesome and creative people from The Techy Hub popped over to help me with a new theme. ¬†I was given a few choices to choose from and I selected this simple, feminine and pretty Marykate wordpress theme. ¬†The Techy Hub team wasted no time and got to work immediately. ¬†They are meticulous and fast. ¬†They are very careful and made sure that the revamping of my blog is done properly i.e. all the posts, widgets, photos and comments are¬†uploaded and running properly. ¬† The team is also very patient with my endless questions and is ever ready to assist.

If you are interested to give your blog or website a makeover, do check out The Techy Hub.   They are a leading a web development, design and marketing company.   The Techy Hub offers fairly priced, experienced and fast services in the following areas:-

1.   Site protection (malware protection)
2.   Revamp website
5.   Logo design
6.   Background/cover picture design
7.   On page SEO optimization
8.    Graphic Design
9.    Web Applications
10.  Digital Printing
11.  Social Mediaompany
12.   Company Rebranding
13.   Flash Banners
14.   EDM / Newsletter
15.   Product Photography
16.   Content Writing
Here is a list of some of their clients :-
*  The Royal Press
*  Nescafe
*  Petronas
*  The Magic Wok Restaurant
*  The Grumpy Cyclist
*  Ojo Coffee

Wait no more if you are thinking of giving your website a tweak, rebrand or advertise your business.  Swing over to The Techy Hub today.

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