Couples Counseling Therapy For Improving Relationship

About 10 years ago, my husband’s cousin married a woman who is 20 years his junior.  They were dating for about 3 years before they became husband and wife.  Despite the age gap, both of them got on very well.  The husband is very loving and they have decided not to have any children.  My husband’s cousin already has 3 children from his first marriage and he was not very keen to have another child at his age.  He was 50 years old when he got married the second time.   About a year later, his wife wanted a child and they decided to give parenthood a try.  The wife managed to conceive and gave birth to a baby boy 2 years after their marriage.

They were very happy and my husband’s cousin had to start changing nappies and help to take care of a little one again.  Things were going well until after the baby boy turned one year old.  Both the husband and wife got into many arguments due to differences in bringing up the child.  Adding a bundle of joy to a marriage can strain even the most understanding of partners.  There is exhaustion, worry, difference of opinions when it comes to child-rearing techniques.  These are very common stressors for parents.  Many people are not used to the change of lifestyle and are also not prepared for the shift when they become parents.

The arguments continued for many years and have become serious because they do not know how to resolve their disagreements with dignity and respect. The son was seeing constant conflict and hearing to his parents bicker. Children wish that their home would be a happy one where there is no arguing, and yelling.  When the parents hold on to resentments and do not know how to find a good resolution, the children will be absorbing all the hostilities.   Their son became withdrawn and sometimes he would burst out in anger at no apparent reason.

Both the husband and wife realized that their constant fighting is affecting their son and they decided to seek professional help.   Both of them went for couples counseling to save their relationship which is on the brink of divorce.  Couples counseling is a good idea and can be used to improve any relationship.  The counselor can help partners work through the issues which have been bothering them.  When they are working through the issues, each partner may be able to compromise and stop seeing each other as enemies.

Unhappy couple at therapy session in therapists office

My husband’s cousin and his wife are now happier after seeking professional help.  They communicate better with each other and their relationship has improved.  Their son no longer has anger issues and have become happier too.

Whenever a couple faces problems and at a loss for how to salvage their relationship, it is best to seek couples counseling.   The counselors will use their expertise to help couples and it sometimes involves a lot of talking and listening.  This would improve communication skills with one another.  Couple counseling can also be done through online platforms which can be more convenient.

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