Kids Activities In Kuala Lumpur On Weekends

There are more and more children having less contact with nature and this is quite alarming as it will have a huge impact on their health and development.   Children today are hooked on the smartphones and tablets.  Too much screen time is bad for them.  If you are planning to get your kids off the devices for a while, why not take them out to somewhere fun?

Kuala Lumpur is a fun-filled city with many activities for families. One of the best activities that you and your children would enjoy is a trip to the Farm In The City.  It is a farm-like park with more than 100 species of animals.  Farm In The City Malaysia is about 20 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur.  Its environment resembles a typical Malay kampung (village) and is divided into various sections which include cute furry animals as well as exotic ones such as porcupines, marmosets and more.  Visitors can get up close to some of the animals as they are partially cageless.   The farm city is teeming with the life and chatter of freely roaming animals.


This city farm Malaysia offers adults and children alike, the opportunity to learn and interact with a wide range of animals from birds, turtles, to alpacas, guinea pigs, lizards and many more.

Farm In The City ticket price is RM37 for Malaysian adult, RM30 for children under 11 years of age and free entrance for children under 90 cm in height.  You can now purchase the tickets online from Tripcarte.  This online ticketing portal provides attraction tickets as well as destinations and activities where only a QR Code is needed as an entry ticket for your preferred destination.

It is a good idea to buy Farm In The City ticket from Tripcarte because :-

  •  The tickets are flexible.  You can go anytime
  •  Skip the queue.  There is no need to waste time waiting in line.
  • Refunds are guaranteed and you can get your money back for any unredeemed tickets.
  • Tickets can be passed on to others if you are unable to go.  Great as gift too.
  • Excellent customer support from their experienced travel managers.


Farm In The City encourages visitor-interactions with the animals and plant-life in a comfortable, urban environment.  It is also their mission to promote wildlife and environmental education to instill children a love for animals here.

So hurry and get your tickets from Tripcarte now for an exciting and fun time with your family.

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