What Is The Right Way To Clean Your Floors?

No one learns how to clean floors in school, especially not nowadays. And, if your parents were handy or domestic around the house, it’s likely most people didn’t learn at home. So, how are you supposed to know the right way to clean your floors? In general, the most important rule is to know exactly what type of floor you have before trying anything. Afterwards, you can follow this guide to find the right way to clean your floors.


Laminate flooring is designed to be attractive and durable. It mimics a lot of other materials, especially wood and tile, but has special cleaning standards. The right way to clean a laminate floor is simple and basic. First, it’s important to sweep and vacuum away any debris so the actual surface of the laminate is cleaned. To find the best vacuum for laminate, get complete details here.

 After vacuuming, it’s important to avoid applying moisture to the surface. Instead, focus on sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming. If you are worried about disinfecting the floor, use special laminate flooring cleaners that can be bought from most hardware and general stores.


Hardwood floors are beautiful but fragile. Like with laminate, it’s a good idea to vacuum hardwood before focusing on the actual cleaning and disinfecting to help pick up dust. Sweeping or using a dry “mop” is also a good idea. Avoid too many liquids.

After removing dust and debris, gently mist water on the surface of the hardwood. Avoid using excess fluid because it can seep into the boards. Once the water is lightly applied, gently run a mop over the surface to pick up any random stains. Leave the floor to air dry. Every month, it’s important to polish the floor.This will allow the floor to last longer than otherwise expected from daily use.


 Most modern homes now have short, microfiber carpets that are designed to be soft and easy to clean. Once again, the best way to lift up dust and debris is to use a vacuum, especially since sweeping a carpet is almost impossible. Don’t believe this article – try it for yourself. After vacuuming, the best way to truly lift out dirt, stains, allergens, and bacteria is to steam clean. Machines can be purchased or rented, and they will supply hot steam that will lift away any irritants from the carpet.

To lift up small stains, simply use a cleaner from a store, allow it to sit, and then remove it following the instructions on the bottle. For smaller stains, you can combine water with vinegar for a homemade cleaner and then allow it to dry or rinse it away with water. All cleaners should be tested in an inconspicuous area to make sure it doesn’t damage or bleach the carpet.


 Tiles are durable and classy. They don’t stain easily, and most stains can just be easily wiped up using a damp cloth. To get a full clean, individuals will need to put in a little more effort. First, of course, you need to vacuum and sweep. Then, wet a mop and apply a light detergent or floor cleaning to the tiles. Simply mop and rinse the tiles to get a thorough clean.

To clean the grout between the tiles, wipe away dirt and debris with a damp cloth and then spray it with a mixture of 50/50 water and vinegar. This disintegrates the dirt and it can be easily wiped up. Most stores also sell specific grout cleaners, especially those that specialize in hardware and cleaning supplies. If the grout is not becoming clean, it might be time to consider topping off or replacing the material.


The right way to clean your floors is going to largely depend on the type of material you have over all of the concrete and plywood that makes up the underside of the floor. All of the steps will require some form of dust or debris removal, so be sure to have a high-quality broom and vacuum to help you pick up small particles. Once it comes down to actually getting rid of stains and disinfecting, remember to be careful before putting any material on the floor and to always test on an inconspicuous spot.

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