Bridesmaid Dress Buying Guide

Once the date is set, the venue is booked and your dream wedding dress has been picked, it is time to focus on the next thing which will make your wedding day unique.   You will have to coordinate and find the perfect bridesmaid dresses for the best support group you could ask for.

Having said that, the shopping trips and finding the dresses may be a little overwhelming.  Here are some guides to help you and your friends be happy all the way:-

a)  Research

Start off by browsing hundreds of gowns from BM Bridal,  bookmark your favorites and share them with your squad.  It is a good idea to save the images to your inspiration board to help you narrow down on the colors and styles you like.

b)  Keep costs in mind

As bridesmaids pay for their own outfit from the dress to the jewelry, it can really add up.  When it comes to the price of the dress you choose for them, be mindful of their lifestyles.  You may want to consider letting your friends choose the dress that fits their budget while keeping in line with the wedding theme.  You may also focus your search on dresses in a more affordable range such as this burgundy dress below that is below $100.

c)  Coordination

Your wedding gown and their bridesmaid dresses should coordinate but they do not have to be an exact match. For example, if yours is strapless, do not choose long sleeve dresses for the bridesmaids, or if your dress is ultra-romantic, you might not want your bridesmaids in more modern silhouettes.

d)  Take Shape

Take into consideration the body types and individual styles of your bridesmaids. If you would like them all to don the same dress, pick one that will look great on almost everyone or one that can be altered without much issue.  You can even choose mismatched bridesmaid dresses in different dress style but in the same color scheme to tie the look together. This option will give your girls more freedom to express their individual styles while ensuring that they will feel beautiful and confident in what they are wearing.

e)  Find the Right Fit

Remember to order at least a size larger than they normally wear.  It is much easier to alter a larger dress.   If the dress ends up being too small, your friend may have to order a new one.

f)  Choose the right shade

One of the easiest ways to pick the perfect color is to play off the color schemes of the venue and the season.  If your wedding is in summer, lighter shades such as mint and lavender are perfect.  Rich colors work well for fall and winter months.  If you are still unsure, then go for a general color like green.

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