Top Bridesmaid Trend 2019

Once you have picked up your wedding dress, it is time to go for another round of dress shopping for your bridesmaids.  Before you round up your girls and head to that shopping appointment, you may want to find out what is the trendiest bridesmaid dresses for 2019.

Most people might think that wedding fashions stay mostly the same but this is not true.  Just like wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses are subject to the latest fashions and trends.  Whether your bridal party is small with two or three bridesmaids or includes every friend and family member you have known since childhood,  it can be difficult to land on a bridesmaid dress that works for everyone.

Therefore if you are planning your wedding and you want to see what is trending now, or simply make sure that the style you like will be in abundance, please read on. These are the styles, colors and trends are likely to be seen at weddings in 2019.  From thigh-high slits to wrap dresses, structured fabrics, and fresh colors to consider, these are not your average bridesmaid dresses. These trending bridesmaid dresses give you an entirely new set of styles to work with, so choose your favorite trend and get shopping.

1)  V Back Dress

With traditional elements in a modern style, this elegant chiffon bridesmaid dress with an embroidered illusion neckline from Mori Lee® is an absolute stunner! The V-back design mirrors a gorgeous V-neckline, making this dress totally unique.

2. One-shoulder necklines

First were the strapless necklines, followed by cold-shoulder styles.  Now the one-shoulder necklines are making waves again.  This asymmetrical neckline dress from AW Bridal® is a chic example of how to pull off the trend in the updated way. All it takes is a subtle ruffle detail to turn it into a show-stopping look. This neckline is flattering for all body types.

3. One Colour, Different Styles

For 2019, brides will be wanting their bridesmaids to showcase their own personality.  It is less about having the ‘perfect look’ and more about a genuine look that will flatter each and every one of her bridesmaids. So what is the perfect way to do this?   Dress your ladies in different styles but create a sense of continuity by having them in the same color.  Check out these beautiful dresses from Modcloth.

4.  High Slits

Bridesmaid dresses will be all about showing some leg with the help of thigh-high slits.   A cheeky slit is popular as it makes quite an impression while the bridesmaids strut their stuff down the aisle.  From floaty chiffon styles to sleek column silhouettes, a slit is a fresh way to tweak the traditional bridesmaid dress and make it feel more trendy and youthful.  Check out this split bridesmaid dress from AWBridal, a leading online wedding dress retailer that specializes in high-quality and beautiful wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and accessories.   Check out the aw bridal Review to find out more about this online wedding dress company.

To Veil Or Not To Veil

Now that you have a list of the top bridesmaid trend for 2019, do not forget to complete your bridal look with an accessory such as a veil.  To veil or not to veil is the bride’s personal choice. If you have decided to wear one, then you will be spoilt for choices at  AW Wedding Veils.  There are a few types of veils according to length and style.

Trends come and go quickly, so that is why it is good to follow the trends closely and jump on one that you love once you see it.  Be unique in 2019 and follow one of the top 5 bridesmaid trends of the year which we know you and your squad will love.

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