Shopping For A New Dining Table

My current dining table is a round shape marble top table.  We have this table for 11 years already.  It comes with 6 chairs and they are showing signs of wear and tear.    I have been looking around for the right dining table to replace the current one.  I would love to get a solid wood dining table for our home.  One of the reasons I love solid wood furniture is because I can admire its natural wood grains.  Ahh, the beauty of nature.

Do you know that solid wood furniture is better than furniture that is made of other materials?  The main reason is because of its durability.  A piece of well-made furniture using high wood quality can last for decades.  Wood is the strongest building material on the planet. It is extremely resilient and requires little maintenance.  The beauty of solid wood furniture lies in its strength and natural textures.  According to an article which I read online while searching for a nice dining table, solid wood is one of the earliest materials being used for making furniture.  Archaeological research reported that in 5 B.C., the Ancient Greeks began carving and building beds and tables from maple and oak.

I came across some beautiful solid wood furniture at Mason home decor, a furniture store that is a huge favorite in Singapore.   Mason has the widest range of affordable designer furniture and is famous for its solid wood collections.  I really like this Torell Extendable Dining Table. This table reminds me of the first dining table I bought when I was staying in Toronto.  It was a small table that is extendable too.  An expendable dining table is great as it utilizes the right amount of space and can be adjusted when not in use.

This lovely solid wood dining table is 1.8m long and can be extended to 2.6m.   It has a lot more than the regular ones as its multifunctional and versatile.  This table can easily be converted from a table for  6 adults to 10 adults.

Solid wood furniture gives a comfortable, warm and rich feeling to the home.  If you are one of those people who love solid wood furniture and are planning to buy that amazing furniture piece you fell in love with, it is very important to do some research and check all the details and quality before you make the final step.  Solid wood furniture is a great way to invest in a home and it remains a popular choice in the modern household.

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