Mooncakes from Ming Yue Confectionary Ipoh

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Everyone!

A few days ago, a video of people lining up all the way from the backlane to the front of the Ming Yue Confectionery Shop in Ipoh just to buy their mooncakes had gone viral.  When the video was taken, the shop is still not opened yet.  You can guess how popular Ming Yue Mooncakes are.  They are very traditional in taste and come in a no-frills box.  This old-school bakery in Pasir Pinji is very popular for their peanut-brittle snacks as well and I heard that during the days leading to the Mid-Autumn Festival, they do not make any peanut brittles but only mooncakes.

So, my sister managed to get a box of mooncake for my family (without having to queue).  Her friend has a bulk order so she asked my sister if she wanted some and she can help to place order together. How lucky!

A simple box of mooncake

Here are 1 double yolk lotus paste, 1 single yolk lotus paste, 1 single yolk white lotus and 1 mixed fruit.

Ming Yue’s mooncakes are freshly baked and affordable.  Unlike the ones in the shopping malls, Ming Yue’s mooncake cost about RM8 a piece.  Alas, I did not eat any because they are not keto mooncakes.  Have you tried Ming Yue’s mooncakes before?

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