3 Things To Ask Your Child’s Preschool

When you drop off your little ones at school, you may feel a sense of excitement and nervousness. Your loved one is growing up, ready to make new friends and tackle the first step of education. As you choose the right place, you’ll want to spend time asking questions and walking through the facility, ensuring it feels just right. During your tour, here are three things to ask the manager.

What Is Your Philosophy on Play?

Research shows that young children need to engage with each other, not only for fun but for healthy development. As kids build with blocks, run around in the yard or color various pictures, they strengthen their visual, motor and social skills, all of which are required for later academic needs. When you visit child care tampa palms, inquire about how much emphasis the school places on playtime. Are kids provided multiple recess periods? Do they have a variety of toys? What is the daily schedule? Seek out a location then that allows for old fashioned childhood fun.

Do You Use Sensory Activities?

Many parents are concerned about how their children learn their letters and numbers. Those are important, but so too is the ability to physically and neurologically develop. That includes the maturation of the five senses. Students may learn by manipulating objects, adjusting to noises, and moving around the room; therefore, multi-sensory activities such as molding clay and singing songs may build neurons and encourage additional understanding. Spend time asking about how the lessons focus on vision, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

May I See Your Recent Inspection Reports?

You drop off your loved ones to learn, but you also want them safe; therefore, don’t hesitate to ask about the recent reports showing how well the school is doing. You should look into health code evaluations, safety inspections and teacher background checks. Make sure you have a good vibe about the location. If you don’t, explore other options.

Children are only young for a little while, so let them explore and play. They may just blossom before your very eyes.

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