Book Xcess In Ipoh Is So Cool

So we checked out Book Xcess when we were back to Ipoh recently.  What intrigued me is that this bookstore is now inside a historical bank in Ipoh.  The 1st floor and basement of this premise have been renovated but you can still feel like you are in the bank.

Love the minimalist design on the first floor.

In the basement, the bank safety deposit boxes and bank vaults are converted into bookshelves.  How cool is that?  It brings back memories of my childhood, going to the bank with mom and walking into special secret room to check the safe deposit box.

The book store has many neon signs with tongue-in-chic messages too.

Don’t forget to check out BookXcess when you are in Ipoh, whether you are a bookworm or not.  It is now one of the most popular Instagram-worthy places here at the quirky Kong Heng Square.

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