Closet Transformation The Konmari Way

The very thought of a messy closet drives me nuts.  I get irritated when I see the mess. I really dislike clutter.  Hubs’ t-shirt and pants section were pilling with clothes and he does not wear most of them.  After nagging reminding him many times, he agreed to go through the closet on Saturday and remove the clothes that he does not want anymore.  I quickly offered my help by bringing out all the t-shirts and pants. Check out the before and after.

There were another pile behind this pile of pants and also another pile on the right side which is not visible in this photo.

So satisfying to see a more organized wardrobe.

Felt so good to fill up this big plastic bag with clothes to be given away.

Actually, over the years,  organizing, tidying and throwing out clothes and stacking things in the cupboards is something that never ends.  I tend to accumulate things after a few months.  I must stop the habit of buying clothes that I do not need.  Also, I must learn the KonMari folding technique to better organize my clothes.   Next on my konmari list is to tidy up my closet and the shoe cabinet.  You should see the number of socks we have!

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