Gift Wrapping Using Recycled Paper

If you are my blog follower, you would have noticed that I love wrapping presents.  I get very excited during Christmas time because I will be busy wrapping pressies.  I enjoy looking for ideas on how to decorate the gifts after wrapping and also cracking my head on what type of wrappers to use. I have been using recycled papers as wrapping papers and I hardly buy them.   You can read more from here , here and here.

Last Christmas (a couple of weeks ago), I decided to use the A1 drawing paper from my office as wrapping paper.  The drawings were wrong and thus these papers were left under the table at the printer.  I took a few pieces home, cut off the legend on the side which has the project title and company’s name.    After wrapping, I used a red ribbon to tie the gift.  This gives it a festive feel.

So here are the presents wrapped with recycled paper. What do you think?

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